Top Tweets for #VoteBlueIn2022

You are American, your vote counts and it matters so much, that it scares them! #VoteThemAllOut2022 #VoteBlueIn2022

@arizonasunset77 No thanks needed, it was my honor. We need to stand together and get loud, ‘cause this type of rhetoric is not our America! 🇺🇸💙 #VoteThemAllOut2022 #VoteBlueIn2022 #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct

@battletested5 Thank you for saying out loud what I first thought when I heard what #MoscowMitch had to say … let’s hope this movement spreads to ALL Americans, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion… We already knew how #GOP feels — now it’s documented for all to hear #VoteBlueIn2022

Confirming what we all knew. This also explains why the GQP and GOP are working so hard to push gerrymandering. You’re totally afraid that WE WILL VOTE. #VoteBlueIn2022…

@alfranken Just saw U on 11th hr Could U try very hard to do 1 of the following-more if UR up for it: 1. Run for spot in Congress 2. Get a show on MSNBC 3. SNL 🤔😑🤑 #VoteBlueIn2022

These could be more links to a bigger, stronger #VoteBlueIn2022 chain! Fire up your forge!! #RESIST…

@texasgov @GovAbbott I am sick of all this. It's our right to vote and you are making it harder. I will wait in line for as long as it takes to vote you out. #VoteBlueIn2022…

Help the #DemocratsDeliver by #VoteBlueIn2022 so we have more #Democrats carrying OUR voices to make America truly great, for everyone (not just the rich/white/male). Register, Organize, Vote!!!…

GQP will NEVER pass any such laws. They can count on @SenatorSinema & @Sen_JoeManchin to vote with them so there will NOT be enough votes for such legislation to succeed. However, it may succeed if in '22 more Democratic Senators are elected. #VoteBlueIn22 #VoteBlueIn2022…

Let’s keep this going all the way to November. #VoteBlueIn2022 #MitchMcConnell articulates the GOP truth…

@PattyArquette We most certainly can. Those willing to blindly lead us down the wrong path are uniting against us, we can and MUST unite for whats right. #VoteBlueIn2022 #VotingRightsNow

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