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Its #thursdayvibes so gotta be DUGGYS ATOMIC DUSTBIN #73 @mixcloud live @duggyston eradio starts 8am with 2 hours of #Indiemusic a sprinkle of #grunge @lisletrecords @Oscaband Interview @HannahGraeMusic TOTM #wesoundgood

Tuesday 26. 9.23 at 12pm @mixcloud LIVE @duggystoneradio Interview with GAZ BIRTLES former band member of THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH Talking about the band SOUTH Up coming gig in COVENTRY Career and collaboration Not to be missed with presenter KIRK #wesoundgood…. Nearly one of the last times that Kirk is in for Eddie - come & get some Bottom Sniffer @duggystoneradio @DuggysAtomic #wesoundgood #woofwoof

Started now on @mixcloud Live @duggystoneradio with @mrsdennisnews and her SUNDAY STOCKTAKE SHOW Banger after banger inc New track from @MalissaWhiteho1 WHAT DO YOU SEE IN HER? #club #wesoundgood

The flames have been fanned from the excellent celestial advice from @realclintonb last night with my very own mystic egg @pen4pen1 - I am ready & poised to reopen the newsagents at 10am for Sunday Stocktake - join me on Mixcloud @duggystoneradio #wesoundgood #winegums

Join me tomorrow at 10am for some bangers including this new one from @MalissaWhiteho1 - the Fererro Rocher have nearly sold out so be quick @DuggysAtomic @duggystoneradio #wesoundgood #foambananas #chewingnuts #dipdabs…

we interviewed @Entropy_band_ they told us about their cousins band "Another Day" (get them on twitter ) so we spun this track we like it… #indie #duggystoneradio since 2017 #WeSOundGood @DuggysAtomic

Thursday @mixcloud live @duggystoneradio 8am 2 hours of #indiemusic with a sprinkling of Aussie #grunge via @lisletrecords DUGGYS ATOMIC DUSTBIN #72 Interview @Entropy_band_ 9am new track IN GASOLINE Kick-off with TOTM SCREW LOOSE @HannahGraeMusic #WESOUNDGOOD

Check it out…will Kirk have had his bran flakes to get himself going? No toaster two track either 🤣 @duggystoneradio @DuggysAtomic #wesoundgood #branflakesgetyougoing…

loving @dirtyslippers track… thanks for the drop to intro in on "standing in for Eddie show" mixcloud Live 08:00 uk #WeSoundGood #Duggystoneradio

Starting now @mixcloud live @duggystoneradio @OutlawAlliance1 Kirk has opened a #supermarket in STUDIO 1 I feel a Shop War is imminent with @mrsdennisnews and her @Ritzcrackers 🤦‍♀️😂😂 Join us for 2 hours of Monday Morning Mayhem and great music #wesoundgood

It’s been a white knuckle weekend but glad the first two are firmly under the belt - sound a little better in this next weekend I’ll be reet. Give it a listen & some love @duggystoneradio @DuggysAtomic #wesoundgood #bogof #mysticegg #cheesesection #rrc @pen4pen1…

This was me this morning as @A7ESK has disappeared & @danthereggyman pulled out. It was a crazy morning! Join me tomorrow for the breakfast show on @duggystoneradio @DuggysAtomic #wesoundgood #RRC #complainingcustomers…

Hope this is not a precursor for the launch of my new show tomorrow on @duggystoneradio but I’m sure I saw @A7ESK driving on it? Join me tomorrow on Mixcloud at 8am to find out #wesoundgood #sherbetdips #classifiedwindowads…

The cat is out of the bag & I’ve been stitched up to open the shop earlier than planned. Listen in, it’s going to be a wild ride & some out of date chocolate may be on offer @duggystoneradio @DuggysAtomic @DuggystoneRegga #wesoundgood #stitcheduplikeakipper #eddiekingAWOL…

@mrsdennisnews Opens shop on Saturday 16.9.23 @duggystoneradio @mixcloud live 8am Everyone's gone AWOL 🤷‍♀️ so someone's gotta sell the goods @DuggysAtomic and @J4nys will be along for the champagne 🍾🥂 and choc fest 🌰 Join us #wesoundgood…

Join Kirk this morning, 8am - in again for Eddie King who’s gone AWOL 🤣 anything could happen @duggystoneradio @DuggysAtomic #wesoundgood #eddiewho…

Eddie’s MIA again, if anyone spots him in a striped suit please let us know. Join Kirk though this morning for all manner of bangers ™️@duggystoneradio @DuggysAtomic #wesoundgood…

You’re missing out on the dubious new feature Kitchen Sync - get on it now and see if the song can match the toast… @danthereggyman @duggystoneradio @DuggystoneRegga #wesoundgood #shittoaster… the rumour is that Eddie King is doing porridge so @danthereggyman is in again for him. Join us now for new features & bangers of any genre @duggystoneradio @DuggystoneRegga #wesoundgood

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