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I will be in DC in spirit but spirits don’t pay for sound systems or bus tickets or a place to stay. So I signed, I’m sharing and I donated. Do you refuse to live in a society where women don't have the legal right to abortion? Make it real👇👇 #AbortionJustice #WeWillWin

AGAIN today these Christian fascist “justices” let TX strip women of their constitutional right to decide if & when to have children. Don’t let this be our future. It will be, if we don’t #RiseUp4Abortion #AbortionJustice #WeWillWin

Thank you @reidkirk for all that you do for our programs. From the two words program to providing pre-game meals for our plays. #buildingbearcats #WeWillWin

1st circuit of the year today for @alvin_jacketfb and they killed it! Proud of their effort and passion to get better! #WeWillWin #DATE #JPND

YES WE WILL WIN!!!! And a win is not just getting our rights, freedoms & liberties back, a win means holding all those accountable for the crimes committed against Canadians. #LockThemAllUp #WeWillWin #HoldTheLine #TruckersForFreedom…

🌊🌊🌊🌊💙💙💙💙🌊🌊🌊🌊 #WeWillWIN!🥊🥊🗳️🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲…

Sherman BOYS JV, games were cancelled for today because of the cold temps but they still getting that work in preparing for district. Thankful for amazing facilities. #WeWillWin #BearcatStrong

It’s days like today I am thankful for these amazing facilities! Windchill of 7 this morning. #WeWillWin #AMCrew @SHBearcatATH

@ezralevin So devastated about todays vote in the senate by all the Republicans and two Democratic senators. But I’m proud that we fought and hopefully one day we’ll win! #wewillneverforget #Wewillwin #WhatAreTheyFor #indivisible

We’re asking the big questions: why is #abortion access hanging by a thread? Will elections or abortion pills save it? Join us. Monday 1/24 #abortionJustice #WeWillWin

Had some big jumps since the last test. Shows how hard these guys have been working. #Hardwork #WeWillWin…

Stopped by to watch @AlvinSoftball practice today. These girls are in a for a big year! #WeWillWin #JPND

Step one of being a great listener - make eye contact with the speaker! Proud to show that our guys are practicing what we have been working on! #WeWillWin #MoreThanFootball #LifeLessons #ListeningSkills #BetterCommunication

I love talking smack with the ATs the my teams travel to! My swim team is away today and their AT just tole me my kiddos were going down. Bwaaahahahaha - doubtful. @MariemontAthle1 can think what he wants! #WeWillWin 😂

@riseup4abortion They are in denial of the reality that this the assault on abortion is "part of a patriarchal Christian fascist program that takes aim at contraception as well as LGBTQ rights." The abortion pill won't save us either! #RiseUp4AbortionRights #WeWillWin

THE 20th ITA AWARDS :: Celebrating 2 Decades of TOGETHERNESS My vote goes to @ndtvindia @ravishndtv The only deserving team. #WeWillWin....

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