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We are celebrating the first 50 Followers! It was pretty quick. We really have a warm space for them into our hearts & that means a lot to us. 😍 #Plug #Pluggers

"Camina con la esperanza en tu corazón y nunca caminarás solo". ¡Os deseamos una muy Feliz Navidad! #Pluggers

" #Pluggers would pay money to be sent 12 cassettes that would contain 3 songs they liked and 500 recordings of amateur cover bands"

#Pluggers facts: 1- They still use AOL 2- The computers they use to access AOL date back to 1997.

This is like the prelude to a Life Alert commercial "I've fallleeeeeeennnn... and I can't get uuuuuuup!" #pluggers

Some color on a cold gloomy day in Detroit! Endo Handles & Endo Gutta Percha Pluggers.… #endohandles #guttapercha #pluggers #endo #fileholder

Unless you hang up an Atari 2600 in your Christmas tree, no it doesn't. #Pluggers

To be fair, #Pluggers , maybe it was time for your early 2000s ThinkPad to bite the dust anyway,

Word on the street @bukbakbright Prince Bright of Buk Bak is about to flood Ghana with Christmas Jams and features. 🤫 Keep it a secret 🤣 #Pluggers

"A Plugger super-spreader" You need to be more specific #Pluggers . Is the Hen Lady a super-spreader by spreading gossip? Or did Mildred infect her entire retirement home with the 'rona?

There seems to be a recurring theme in boomer-oriented newspaper comics today #pluggers

Did... Did #Pluggers draw that lady dog with an anatomically correct number of teats ?!

My brain is not working normally. I shouldn't see that panel from #pluggers and hear Keisha Fabo's voice.

I will always be fascinated about how the mail-in contributors for the #Pluggers comic think their personal life experiences are SOMEHOW unique despite being mundane as hell. Dear Midwestern boomers. A stick shift two door truck with a radio is really not a rare occurrence.

Meanwhile on #Pluggers Considering that wine is a diuretic itself, adding fibers to it is telling me that Lady Plugger here is trying to commit suicide by diarrhea.

Considering that the whole point of being given toothbrushes by the dentist is to use them in between your appointments and that you're supposed to change toothbrushes every 4 to 5 months, if they're ACCUMULATING it's not a great sign for your dental hygiene, #pluggers ...

It will always FASCINATE me that the midwestern Boomers who write in the content for #Pluggers are CONVINCED that their day to day life experiences are unique to them. Like, what's so Plugger-ish about having a casual acquaintanceship with your pharmacist?!

Meanwhile on #Pluggers ... as opposed to an invisible dog and fence? What is the JOKE? What are they referring to?!

Dear midwestern boomers, I ASSURE you that younger generations STILL know what the FRUIT is #Pluggers

Reminder that #Pluggers is a submission-based comic strip. Which means that midwestern boomers REALLY want you to know that they're morbidly obese.

Come presentarsi a una casa discografica con Oliver Dawson - fondatore e CEO dell'etichetta #Pluggers 🔥 Il terzo episodio di #comefunziona fuori ora sul nostro canale YouTube!

That traumatized expression on the cashier's face is because she is DREADING having to tell yet another out-of-touch boomer that it hasn't been possible to pay your groceries with a cheque for the past 20 years. #Pluggers

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