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How does one get in on the daily @roddenberry quotes? They're amazing and a great way to lift someone up. #ThinkTrek

@alwaystheself We already follow each other but I’d like to add in that I co host a podcast where we dissect some of the thoughts of Gene Roddenberry ‘Quoting Gene Roddenberry’ produced by @roddenberry ent 100 quotes, 100 eps 15 mins & under An amuse bouche if you will of #thinkTrek

Truth. I’m waiting for that day when replicators end hunger and homelessness! #3dprinting is the first step! #thinkTREK #talkTREK #liveTREK @roddenberry #StarTrek 🖖🏾…

Now’s a great time to give a listen to @trentvanegas & I along w/ this weeks guest @WilliamMatt22 give some thoughts on the hopeful words & fabulous imagination of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry #thinkTREK were doing 100 quotes, 100 eps in total🥳🥳🥳 💯…

Please give a listen to our podcast we’re going through 100 Gene Roddenberry quotes 🥳 #thinkTREK…

Reading Andy Weir’s Hail Mary and caught two Star Trek references so far! How about you? 👩🏻‍🚀 #roddenberry #thinkTREK #seeTREK @andyweirauthor #ProjectHailMary

We welcome @RodRoddenberry this week to discuss Gene Rodenberry's centennial as his 100th birthday approaches next month, his father's legacy, "Gene's Vision," & the #thinkTREK campaign from @roddenberry! Plus, more #HowToVegas with @TrekkerRon! #StarTrek…

@soulseedz I grew up in an immigrant family with television helping shape how I saw the world. @StarTrek was a big part! @generoddenberry created such an amazing, positive, forward-thinking show. It was OUTSTANDING, for all these reasons listed &more! #thinkTREK @roddenberry @roddenberryFdn

🖖🏼"Darmok and Jalad on the ocean"🤝 #TrekTuesday. Watched of one of my favorite TNG episodes, "Darmok". Beautifully written, I think this episode embodies what #StarTrek is all about. If only we can be a little more like Picard and Dathon.☮️ #thinkTrek #roddenberry

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