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@libe "Le recueil de témoignages, toutefois, devait «veiller à ne pas gêner et respecter le confort d’attente". Le confort d'attente ? 😂#WTF

@tedcruz #WtF Bus them back across the border otherwise they’ll start spilling back into Texas when the north gets cold.

es increible la gente obtusa el coraje que tiene en internet, Chad Smith haciendo solo de bateria de Can't Stop.... y uno va y le comenta "te salio mejor el de 30 seconds to mars" #WTF

@RonniSalt Did Joycie Roycie get such coverage??? Or #skunt??? I think the AusPost female CEO had similar media appeal #wtf is going on with the news cycle this week

@LiberalAus Ummmm, what’s the point of ears if you’re choosing to silence the voice… 🤷‍♂️ #WTF

Deci ieri a fost invazie de furnici zburatoare. #wtf

Dear #cat #kitty breeders/owners, #WTF are you all doing?!? This MF can not be natural! #TMFINR

@GavinNewsom Built this with Taxes from California & America's. He wants to be President #WTF #NO!…

Greg Jennett just said (in relation to Jacinta Allan) that “warmth” and being a “people person” are “innately female qualities”. WTAF?!!!! #afternoonbriefing #auspol #WTF

Jesus fucking Christ this app is absolute insanity. People really just want to twist every little thing into some horrific act against humanity. Can we go back to when jokes were understood to be jokes and everyone wasn’t butthurt about literally everything? #wtf

Excréments, concert devant 10 000 personnes, weed... 20 savoirs (vraiment) inutiles sur Jonathan Cohen ➡️ #Actu #Novideo #Wtf

You know how people say we should have a regular, not fit person as part of the Olympics events just to show the difference in quality of laymen with athletes? Guess Tara Sutaria filled that role in the most recent episode of the #WTF podcast 🙊

My oneplus tws earphones worth INR 2100 are way better than my Apple AirPods pro worth INR 21000 when comes to audio call quality. #Wtf 🫨 I specially bought them for office meetings and all because AirPods are pathetic. #Apple @Apple

@jaythechou What kind of breakfast is that you hairy fuck? Ain’t you fuckin carnivore ? #WTF ?

so an ad gets threw the ad blocker on #YouTube for an ad blocker service. Who's the bad "guy" here?. #wtf #internet

yall be laid up fuckin yall ex n be talking to someone new i feel bad for the new person #BadDope #WTF😂😂😂😂

Over 1,000 minors reported missing by Cleveland this year, including almost 50 kids this month… #FoxNews #wtf @dbongino @charliekirk11

If u see this at his house he didn’t buy it #wtf

Some dolls' eyes seem to to follow you around the room. This doll, though, had an uncanny ability to look everywhere and nowhere at once, whilst still following your every movement and studying your every breath whether you were in the room or not. #HauntedDolls #WTF

@alvarohiguero @vhorthones @HijoDLCocinera @elmetrodepanama @ProtegeryServir En seriooooo?..😳..#WTF?..pero si desde q hicieron el puto metro esa reglas y las otras de que NO se puede vender nada dentro del metro las estipularon de UNA VEZ.🤣😂 Fren,la ge te se inventa cada AWEBAZON..🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

@digermesele Keşke ‘saldırdığı’ anı da çekseydiniz. Bu koca göbeğiyle nasıl da ‘vahşi’leşen bir sokak köpeği görseydik,uyutuvereydik,insanlık rahatlasaydı.Baba kızına yıllarca tecavüz etmiş,bebekleri olmuş,bu zamanda açlıktan,susuzluktan insanlar ölüyorken dünün fakiri özel uçak almış.#wtf

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