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@jagatama_1120 季節の変わり目なのでお気を付けて(´;ω;`)

I have been having this nagging suspicion that perhaps Garland is afraid of Trump….…

Now the question is would @mikey__garland kiss me like this if we were fish and married…

Merrick Garland : DOJ: Charge Kyle Rittenhouse With Federal Civil Rights Violations & Hate Crimes - Sign the Petition! via @Change

@eliehonig Are you talking about Garland ? I was a news vacation

@nft_frames @mkhalili63 @Darrylgao @DefeatTheMaster @mothshots2 @MagicEden_NFT Absolutely stoked to win the giveaway. Love my current frames NFT, this will add to the collection. Thank you.

My apartment got approved y’all , all glory to God !!! Thank you all for your prayers and support . Now I can officially say I live in Texas lol 😂 #texas #garland #newhome #texaslife #iloveTexaa #blessed #excited #newadventure #allgod #thankyouyeshua

@schwartzbCNBC Funny coming from a “senator” who blamed his daughter’s for his trip to Cancun.

Garland doesn't want to offend his insurrectionist friends of the Federalist Society.…

@chipfranklin Until GARLAND gets off his ass, this is meaningless! January 6 Committee is in effective!!

Garland seems to be putting politics ahead of law. If he follows the law, Trump should be indicted and prosecuted even if the political ramifications result in right wing backlash against the Justice Department.…

@harman1569 Jim would trade Garland for Joe Thornton and a 2nd rounder and think he did the right thing

@realTuckFrumper I’m frustrated with Merrick Garland dragging his feet in charging Trump. This must happen before any elections take place . We must let Republicans & world know our nation will not tolerate and/or protect Trump after committing treason, sedition, & insurrection!

Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice : Leave Kyle Rittenhouse Alone - Sign the Petition! via @Change

@eliehonig I didn't think so. Garland has absolutely NO INTENTION of investigating or prosecuting Trump for anything. Garland is a life-long Republican. He will not change his mind about this. HE MUST BE REPLACED ASAP.

Merrick Garland : DOJ: Charge Kyle Rittenhouse With Federal Civil Rights Violations & Hate Crimes - Sign the Petition! via @Change

It’s way past time for AG Garland to bring charges not just the Congress’s insurrectionists but also Donald Trump, you think? What is taking AG Garland so long when he is sitting in the crime scene playing AG? He is smart, confused, frightened , or NOTA! 🤔

@JoeBiden please replace Garland. He hasnt done anything and we are running out of time

@JDCocchiarella No. But Biden, AG Merrick Garland, and the Democrats seem to strongly disagree. Or, more to the point......they couldn't care less.

N90TX, a Eurocopter AS.350-B2, is circling over Garland at 1475 feet, speed 75 MPH, squawking 0412, 0.25 miles from Bradfield Park #N90TX…

@Plucille54 Hola, the unroll you asked for: Good Sunday morning Mr. Merrick Garland! Another day of vigilling…… Talk to you soon. 🤖

Waited a whole almost two weeks for my fireplace garland for it to come and be HIDEOUS ☹️🤬

@HankHoffman5 The only one engaged in gaslighting here is you - by arguing that Garland isn't doing anything when you have no f*cking idea, nor does anyone else who "speaks with authority" because they don't.

@DOJCrimDiv AG Garland, please save this country as this country once saved you. Too many seem to be getting away with too much.

@GCasale @PamKeithFL @barbcast60 I can imagine the tangled web of malfeasance trump and his appointed corrupt cronies have wrought upon the DOJ. I am hopeful Garland will adhere to the rule of law and take the necessary prosecutorial actions before the statute of limitations run out.


@itvnews What’s that Boris? Buy more time before you can think of an excuse for another lockdown… enough is enough we want our freedom back.

@youaregoodpod My dad hated Judy Garland with a passion that bordered on the surreal. Like she'd killed his dog or something. I never found out why.

@Plucille54 Namaste, the unroll you asked for: The 'Free Assange! Attorney General Merrick Garland Vigil' continues.…… Share this if you think it's interesting. 🤖

The Ex Guy wants to debate somebody, anybody, about his delusions. He’ll have to get in line behind the debates on ‘Is the Earth Flat?’ and ‘Can Unicorns Be Domesticated?’.

@CalltoActivism The people can demand action from #Garland and also demand that Congress use their inherent contempt powers. It took me just one minute to contact the WH. Can everyone else who cares about our democracy please join me?

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