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A good chance of frost for many overnight tonight & early Monday AM as well as overnight Monday night into Tuesday AM. Temperatures will fall to near or below freezing for much of Nfld, with the coldest for inland areas. Coastal areas remain above zero. #NLwx

Aries: Last Tuesday was a good day. Today - not so much. Save your pennies! Your ability is not a safe investment today. You will fall in love with a Libra but they are in love with their raincoat. Your lucky numbers are 8, 5 and action.

Good morning loves 💐 I see I’m still getting birthday wishes & I appreciate that . These meds are working so I should be feeling better soon . No work for me until Tuesday ! I’m definitely doing a birthday retake when I get better !

@Voasy01 @BartonTownOB Sounded a good game, sorry we missed it but California came calling for 2 weeks, good luck for Tuesday night UTS🦢🦢💙💙

@UneditedView good point... and the fact that insurance companies pay for this.. and the hospitals make a ton of money.. it is just more cash for all of them.

@frontwish After listening to my story w/ a clutter of unfinished unresolved conflicts with people, places, things and institutions my sponsor gave the list back stating: "It's Tuesday night, I want this all cleared up by Thursday." Ass busting sponsors, often hated but good teachers.

@D_AEHWl Now you know! 😆 It's not too late since the MV will be released on October 5. That's right, and you reacted nicely to our performance, thank you. 🥺 Oh, congratulations for your wins, producer Daehwi! 🥳🎊 I will mark my calendar on Tuesday in order not to miss it. Good luck! 💐

@BristolCity There were some clear errors from certain players during the game. After such a good start (up to around 14 minutes), it's so frustrating to concede 2 goals just like that. Very similar defensively to the start of last season. We go again Tuesday, COYR. 🔴

Good Morning art people🌞 Next in "Redo" series for auction Tuesday @exchgART

Working so hard independently for my shine😩 Birthday on Tuesday. God has been good💜

@cupcake0804 @BreitenbachWine Thank you for the suggestion as I will look for that wine today. I am till tomorrow morning and back to work on Tuesday. :( Hope you are doing good and staying safe.

Good morning from Destin 🌞 ⛳️Raven Golf Club 📍Destin, Fla. 🗓 Sunday-Tuesday 📊 #GoSaints

This Tuesday - SHE DRINKS BEER at our pub @TheGood_Measure 💛 in Redland. If you’re a woman and would like to spend an evening up the pub with other women, whether your friends or to meet new people, join us! (Kelly & Lorin, and Maddy behind the bar👋) 🍻 Cheers 💛

@Lynnegers It's a good time to play us in the CL on Tuesday. I think you could get a result against us. Oh & BTW I do like a bird in a footy top 😉

happy to see #burnalot initiative echoing our proposal of #BurnLuncTuesday We will join contributing $Lunc #Lunc and advocating it as well we believe we should have our weekly RDV of the Champions of the #Lunccommuntiy with our Tuesday #LuncBURN Review below and Vote 🚀…

OVERALL — the tracks are good and it look like a jpop but using korean language vibe to it 😭 i HUGELY regretted the fact that i didn't pre-ordered for this album (im blaming college) I CAN'T WAIT TO FULLY HEAR THEM ON TUESDAY 🥹

@fabulucy Good Call... Ironically I decided to not work on Monday's for the foreseeable future. Tuesday is the new Monday.. 👍🏻

@caldy003 @Staffs_Saddler @KerryTalbot84 @WalsallFanTV Good point . On that basis , we have zero chance of winning Tuesday (did you see what I did there 😎)

@NHRacingGuide @M3Timmy @HSFergie @SundayLifeSport @StevenBeacom5 Mate it’s pish as last while, promising players starting to look lost, where it’s confidence or bad management it’s still not good enough. Jamal Lewis was terrified to even take on his man last Tuesday. They crowd encouraged him to take a go which he did, and beat the man.

@GraceRandolph Good luck on whatever it is you're dealing with queen! Will we get movie math on tuesday or will this week be skipped? 🫂


@pinkishplacebo Good Morning! We estimate power will be restored to all customers by Monday, Oct. 3rd or Tuesday, Oct. 4th. More specific estimated times of restoration are not available for individuals or individual areas at this time. Thank you for your patience and support !!!

@alextomo Good for HMK. Not the best start to their Tuesday meetings. I hope he keeps pushing the climate agenda at Truss.

Without Rafferty the defence looks a bit slow/lopsided at the moment for #pompey and Ipswich exploited our right side well. Ogilvie has to play LB for me. At Crawley both Swanson and Reeco looked good at RB. I’d give them both a chance this Tuesday to stake a claim for that spot

I honestly think as good as James is at rb he could be even better as a CDM

Think the team for Tuesday night picks itself for the most part 😊 May take Arfield out for Kamara to match Liverpool 3 for 3 in central midfield 😊 Can make a good case for starting Alfie as well considering how the game is likely to be 😊⚽️🇬🇧💙

Good morning! I have a personal matter for today & tomorrow that I need to take care of, so I won’t be able to do any filming. My #HouseOfTheDragon breakdown is already set for 10pm EST tonight! Anything else I’ll cover on Tuesday ❤️

@Peach_Perfect17 Yer good, got back from Scotland late Tuesday been fucked since 😂 my first bit of time off work in nearly 2 years so be body done now 😂 how's the new job going

my cinnamon buns aren’t coming out as good this year 😭😭😭 low key don’t want to bring them to work on tuesday

Went from Monday putting the final things together for a big public lecture on anti-racism and health (over 600 sign ups) to midweek where my speaker has covid and I’m still stuck in bed since Tuesday with something unknown. Postponed which is good but 🥺

@HanleyTown66 @ChesterFC Well done and good luck for the reply, hope to set an attendance record on Tuesday

@BridgetteG68 Yep good point ,but like I said hindsight is what I was saying. But a good point and we can't and won't win them all. Onto Tuesday and hopefully a win.

@des_farrand That looks like good hunting round for mice. Don't think I mentioned that we now have two more Kittens since Tuesday. Coco was pregnant again.😑 I currently cater and care for 1 momma cat and 4 kittens. Nacho and the father of the kittens are always here too.🤣😂

Good morning Tweeps, happy Tuesday. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impact on others. Hold a door, pa…

@FULMETALHACKETT Great Parkway gig last night. If anything it was a little short 😳. Other bands good too. In another good note - the cast comes off my arm on Tuesday. Yeeaahhh!!

150 games in the hotseat on Tuesday night. No wonder I’m grey. We’re in a tough period, no hiding from that and it’s not good enough atm. We’ll bounce back 👍🖤🤍

Good morning out campaigning telling everyone about the MHRC visit on Tuesday 7am-12pm thank you @LabourErdington sadly missing was @connorwebster98

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