Top Tweets for Good Tuesday

@WilliamBarter1 Good question this is from part of an article in the Independent from Tuesday

@Barnsey299 @hastingsufc Bad day at the office all around. We could have been better ourselves behind the goal. Just one of those games. Dust off and go again Tuesday night. Big Sussex Derby under the lights. We're all behind the team. No doubt there will be a good reaction Tuesday 💪

@DirtyTesLa I was a die-hard AirPods fan until they broke. Not being able to afford a new pair, I opted for a more affordable Soundcore Liberty 4 and was blown away by how good these are - easily as good as my AirPods and more than half the price!

@BassieKayy Drink panado and brufen in the meantime, tomorrow wake up to Dischem or Clicks for better pain meds. They’ll give you good ones to last you till Tuesday. Get well 🫂

Playing Crystal Palace twice in one week is not good news for us. We never come out of such back to back fixtures without at least one L. I’ll sacrifice Tuesday’s fixture tbh

Read this today. It’s a very good account of much of Deaton’s thinking and reflections on inequality, economics and economists. I’m interviewing him Tuesday for @bristolideas.

@rosettesmix A stick of butter. Along with six eggs, scrambled and an entire package of bacon. And “I’m good” till Tuesday.

@jamiegrimes90 Back to our best today I thought. Wealdstone are a good footballing side. Shame we let the last goal in but a solid performance. We looked a more structured side today. Well done. Tough game coming up. A point on Tuesday isn’t a bad outcome.

praying these practice exams are a good indicator of how I will do on tuesday 😃👍🏼

@OfficialPVFC Could have won, could have lost. Another good point on the road. Onto Tuesday. Get in that hat

@kingbolby low effort bait all the auburn fans in the comments like are you good? did you hit your head??

It's our week guys Monday -HOH Tuesday -minimie Wednesday - we no win Thursday -Arina game Friday - Oraimo Saturday - Smirnoff 5/6 that is a good grade Congratulations Baye We are outside for Ilebaye #BBNaija #BBNS8XSmirnoffTask #BBNaijaAllstars #ilebaye

Quality result. Thought on balance we deserved it, defended well & their equaliser was offside. Woodyard mustard. Whitley commanding & growing in confidence every game. LJL really good. Liked Marsh’s cameo too. On to Tuesday #ycfc 🔴🔵…

@kiragizzmo Gotta look good for titty Tuesday hahah

@iamwilloldham Far too good to be at the bottom.Solid back 3 and speedy winger who had Miley in his pocket. after seeing best ref I've seen anywhere this season on Tuesday we were back to the shit and dredging of officiating again today. Hope for returnees and reinforcements Tuesday

@CJPhillips1982 What ever reason you want to attach for the defeat we just weren't good enough today, well off our own standard's. Flyde seem to target Miley in behind which to be fair was the correct tactic. Rest needed and now onto tuesday.

Personal\ No reply from hospital. Have to ride it out and wait for appointment TUESDAY bcs no movement on their end before the weekend

@boundarycorner I think your Tuesday evening podcast should be retitled “this week’s dumpsters fire.” Coaching is killing this team. An O coordinator who out smarts himself and a d coordinator that can’t get his linebackers out o make plays. Not good at all.

Great @DerehamTown performance today earning a well earned draw with @Lakenheath_FC ! Played some good football deserving more than just a @M01Campbell goal! Roll on Tuesday ⚽️⚽️

Wanted to know if Tuesday - Friday are good for people who are interested in checking out or listening to my streams?

@bfitzinAR Thank you 🙏 I can't even go into how bad the situation is but everything just blew up all at once and is approaching critical crisis in multiple ways. Prayers for a safe journey coming up Tuesday would be good too as there are many reasons that could get out of hand as well.

@trevk37 Not sure why people are 😂😂😂😂 unlucky not to win today but good point against a good Halifax side. Move onto Tuesday simple

Was fortunate to do the same this past Tuesday in Ann Arbor at The Mobility Summit…

@mickymoore71 After a drab and frustrating afternoon… I thought at least boro won… checked and ffs!!! Good performances mean nothing if you shit the bed in injury time… every week! (Sorry showing my frustration). See you Tuesday and Saturday for some cup therapy!

@darkachromatic Vamp vamp🩸🩸🩸.good for Tuesday 🤞🍀🩸🦇🫂

Good W on the road 🌲 Tough place to go, made hard work of it but the lads dug in and we got the three points! On to Tuesday ⚽️❤️…

To the last pitch! This team dug in and got the 1-0 W against a very good #1 team in OK! So proud of these girls! Should have been in the Championship game but Mother Nature said Go Home. Back at it Tuesday against Timberland. @STLhssports @TopPreps @ExtraInningSB @classichitting

Manchester United Vs Crystal Palace Tuesday 26th September 7:45 KO Carabao cup 3rd round fixture X3 pairs remaining DM for more info! Good seats cheap! #ManchesterUnited #MUFCtickets #MUFCspares #MUFC #MUFC_FAMILY #Manutdtickets…

@MoxieMcMurder Thank you!! 🥹❤️ oh god. Not the best tbh. Giving her painkillers though so that's good. Surgery is Tuesday. But she's not left my side for days 😞🩵 it's like she knows she's really not well

Always surround yourself with good people, the number and caliber of people that have come to visit Kwam1 in this his ilete is a joy to see, I can't imagine what Tuesday will look like in Ijebu ode, it will be an installation to remember.

I'm a proper expert on football. Thought we'd do well against Bristol City on Tuesday night and today I thought they do us good and proper. 🇳🇬

@ZitMonk It's good we did the trade... The boy has done nothing that side... 😂 Next game on Tuesday is another win

Going dark on social media till Tuesday giving myself a mental break from everything… everyone be good and safe see you all on Tuesday!

Tuesday & Friday these games should be easier! Mallorca & Sevilla aren’t that good I don’t think Ferran should start tho. That shot he missed was unacceptable

💬 "It was a really frustrating night because we dominated the game and they've scored a set-piece goal. We didn't create clear cut opportunities at times but we played some really good football and need to take that into Tuesday." #TogetherStronger

@rodtheplodNo9 @CelticNation67 @mm1967may25 Both looked really shakey today and Tuesday lagierbielke hasn’t had one good game for us since arriving

@burtgistheman Good luck and best wishes for Tuesday! 👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻

@paddyodonnell75 @johnclarke1981 Oxford were very poor bit york are a decent side and are a threat! Tuesday was a very good performance against them

Welcome, new followers! ✨Exciting news: I'll be sharing my official streaming schedule this coming Tuesday. Get ready for epic gaming sessions and good vibes ahead! 🎮 I’m going to start getting back into Overwatch very soon! And begin playing First Descendants Beta!……

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