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Valentines day is a Tuesday. Is there a wild game I could play that would fit the mood of that day? Preferably a good one off 2-hour game?

@pfoser Good. Thought it was Tuesday all day. Oh no it wasn’t. I don’t accept that.

Our Za’atar Roasted Root Vegetables dish is SO GOOD. The pistachio couscous and garlic dill sauce really pull it all together. Plus, it’s one of our new less-prep meals, which means it’ll only take you 25 minutes to make! Add it to your box before Tuesday at 11:59 pm EST.

UT just gave me a week and a half off by cancelling classes the THREE DAYS out of the week that I have class. I have not been in class since last Thursday and won’t have classes til Tuesday 😭. It’s gonna be a good Black History Month ✊🏽

it’s only Wednesday but Monday & Tuesday have been good to me 🙌🏽…

It is absolutely a day full of stims today I think. I usually keep myself contained but today I must get all of this errant energy out. Like I had this on Tuesday too but that was mainly good, I presented slides to client all arvo and apparently presenting to 30 people is...

@ATnoir @MartinSLewis Without your old passport the process of renewal doesn't start. I renewed mine online with an ID photo (from a photo booth) 3 weeks ago posted Tuesday. New one arrived Friday, 4 day service. My wife's at the same time took 2 weeks. Very good service.

Good move tbh. If Trump can win Super Tuesday because of people splitting the anti Trump vote. W.…

@BigBroAfrica My boy is not married to Marvin, at that he is not entitled to him .. They all should just play their games .. Would have been better if he woke up on Tuesday with a good energy... Besides, he is not the only one up 😂

@BatWing3021 @LaJeunesseArt @PatMcAfeeShow Listen to this man every Tuesday on the @PatMcAfeeShow for Aaron Rodgers Tuedays. He said, If he comes back, he is all the way the fuck in. If he feels like he's half in, he won't come back. He's a good listen every Tuesday.

Most of the ArkLaTex dodged a bullet Tuesday night as temperatures remained slightly above freezing. Rain will increase Wednesday night into Thursday morning. A few pockets of freezing rain are possible. Good news is on the way this weekend.

@Vanarama Season tickets received today as prize from your good selves. Tuesday night @YorkCityFC will be free gratis thanks to you folks.

Tuesday. Tuesday is going to be a very good day!

Wall Street stocks rallied Tuesday on mostly good corporate earnings after a mixed session in overseas markets ahead of key central bank decisions.…

@_vcent_ Tell me they don't know how to have a good time without telling me they don't know how to have a good time. I call that a Tuesday night.

Plannin meeting for SEO Saturday on the 11th is goin, so good

Fun fact - if the display sign says it's a Fat Tuesday special, and then it's Wednesday, apparently I'll think it's Mardi Gras. Good job, Brian 😆🤦‍♂️…

I’m making a lot of mean-adjacent jokes today but again I really am joking I’ve had a lot of good times in Florida y’all are cool I love being able to walk around with my large novelty Fat Tuesday cup

What's a recommended close to convention center spot for a casual client meet up with good apps around 630pm on Tuesday??

ate a few grapes and crackers well at least im no longer dizzy good night

Good Afternoon TRIO Students! TRIO can GRANT you an opportunity for more financial aid! On Friday, February 3rd, the TRIO Grant Aid Application will be open for all TRIO students to apply! It will close Tuesday, March 14th.

The 2023 Ceiliúradh CEIST theme “one good deed” inspired our TY & non exam RE classes to make many St. Brigid’s Crosses. Fr. Lynch blessed the crosses during mass on Tuesday & our 1st year girls distributed them to the congregation afterwards. #community #values #ceiliuradhceist

@salander484 @TrebanosRugby Vets touch rugby every Tuesday 9-10 on 3G. Be good to see you Ian 👍

In honor of #NGWSD2023, we recognize @GoCHAthletics who will host their first female only wrestling match against @GoBubblers on Tuesday, February 7. Good luck!

@aqualover420 @WASPmexicano @QuetzalPhoenix Dan Carlin does a good podcast on the 300. Basically says that as epic as that tale is, for the Persians it was nothing but a speedbump on a random tuesday

@baxarlene59 @ASztafa @tbrock623 @barbara81483929 @57Veronica @pamcoordsen Good evening Arlene, thank you. Glad Tuesday was fine and I hope today was also. Happy Wednesday evening to you all. 😘🌹🥰♥️ #BatB #BeautyAndTheBeast

@DJacko79 Good evening, DJ. Atia is already asleep, Tuesday is fighting it, as always. How the devil are you?

@NoMoreCursive @PlaydohBunny007 @ersatz_cats @DonCoop20 @PFTCommenter If that’s what you’re doing on a Tuesday afternoon it really says all I need to know. Have a good one LMAO

@NikkiHaley Whelp, have fun getting 5% support by Super Tuesday and trying to parlay that into Desantis’s VP slot. Spoiler: If that does happen then good luck turning out the base voters in the rust belt and have fun losing and going back to some new C-Suite gig.

Been really enjoying @BBCRadioStoke’s new Stoke podcast “A Cold Wet Tuesday Night.” Really good guests and especially enjoyed the Andy Griffin one. Well worth a listen - we need content like this!…

Anyone interested in buying Gracie Abrams London tickets at the 02 Shepherd's Bush Tuesday 3/10 DM The Good RiddanceTour #Gracieabrams #Gracie #London

@KumaCody @TheSacrush @Malamarey @GFuelEnergy Ok sounds good will wait on Friday then we can start picking we drink on tuesday! ill post my cans later too just for fun

@persoverant yeah weekends there can be awful. a good tuesday night was always the best

Good night, bro. Today I’m very tired; but it’s only Tuesday. 😿

Thanks for reading. I hope I brought some value to your Tuesday afternoon. If I did please do me a favor and share this thread with others. Until next time have a good rest of your day! - Babbling Mind

I'm very anti-pharmaceuticals but I figured I'd TRY it Last Tuesday was my first day since 2015 sleeping without THC Sleep wasn't good, but it was quite good by the next day Figured I was in the clear. Nope

On the uncertainty today: Beamer talked to Harbor "multiple times" on face time Monday and Tuesday and said he got an audio message from him at 2:57 a.m. today that wasn't good. "This morning has just been a range of emotions back and forth trying to answer some questions."

Good afternoon🌤️ Here’s the Tuesday recap. NBA: (3-3) (+0.2u) NHL: (2-1) (+1.1u) Overall: (5-4) (+1.3u)💰 Not a bad day yesterday. Profitable in both sports, we’ll take it. Let’s keep it rolling and go into this NHL All Star break on the right foot💪🏻 #GamblingTwitter

I also stream on Twitch every Tuesday (8-10pm PT) and Saturday (4-8pm PT)! Tuesdays tend to be me playing Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (CRPG) and on Sundays I usually stream random fun games with my good buddy Dan (from Syrinscape!)

A bit early for Shrove Tuesday 🥞 However, S3 Practical Cookery have been making ‘healthier’ pancakes - adapting the recipe to meet some of the Scottish Dietary Goals. Check out these confident individuals doing a flippin’ good job @stbenedictsren

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