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Obama’s a racist nigger that’s doing this to me with Jordan Peele right now about my Hollywood and book rights to my work.…

@JordanPeele Can you please save Lovecraft Country and give them another season?

I'm very open-minded, but let's be honest, what's with Jordan Peele and his all-black casts ? I can't relate !!

We know when Jordan Peele is involved, we're in for a treat! here's everything we know about his film 'Nope' 👀

Please direct the first epidode of my sitcom please I need a win at least give me some feeeback things have not been going well for me @rianjohnson @edgarwright @RileyStearns @JordanPeele @RealGDT @martinscorsese_…

Also, it’s time to make #OctaviaButlers books into films: Wild Seed Trilogy & Parables saga @JordanPeele @ava @OWNTV @Oprah

@Savagefiction @JordanPeele Esses caras são FANTÁSTICOS!!!! O episódio "drop the gun" é uma crítica fodida. Mas de todos que eu vi o que eu mais gostei é esse aqui que trata de racismo.…

Jordan Peele é uma máquina de fazer coisa boa, o cara deve ser uma das pessoas mais criativas e versáteis de Hollywood em atividade…

Y’all think sumin wrong with Jordan Peele’s mental or just me ?

@SteveGhe will spike Lee commit to hiring 60% Caucasian? Will BET start to have any members of ANY other racial groups in their shows? Will Jordan peele stop hiring by race and then bragging about it in interviews? Y'all exclude anyone that isn't black whenever you get the chance

Diversity is great, but let's be real, what's with Jordan Peele and his all-black casts ? I can't relate !!

I'm very open-minded, but let's be real, what's with Jordan Peele and his all-black casts ? I can't relate !!

#LovecraftCountry still streaming.💋 jordanPeele's answer to rodSerling

This is what I think of when I see those godawful Jordan Peele movie trailers

@Savagefiction @JordanPeele Muito bom o filme. Infelizmente, a HBO MAX no Brasil não tem a série de humor com esses dois.

@WishIWould88 @WishIWould88 You sound fun! I LOVE this type of engagement w/ the film. I like when fellow watchers bring this energy to the screen!🙃 Actor/writer/director Jordan Peele has been known to say that he tries to manipulate the scenes to illicit certain reactions from the audience.

I'm very open-minded, but, come on, what's with Jordan Peele and his all-black casts ? I can't relate !!

Nah sounds like white men are just kinda replaceable and everyone is realizing cookie cutter Chads are just boring. Jordan Peele as a name still draws an audience, so does Angela Basset, the late Chadwick Bozeman, Daniel Kaluuya, LaKeith Stanfield and Jurnee Smollett…

Stepping outside low key feels like if Jordan Peele's "Get Out" had an incest baby with The Walking Dead. You don't know who's got what and what they could do with it to you. It's business as usual for the symptomatic and asymptomatic. The grind's gotta go on, right?

@mathquirinoreis hnmm eu vi bastante critica dessa serie e nao me interessei muito, vi tbm que tem uma temática bem parecida com do jordan peele. Vc curtiu ver?

Digan lo que quieran de Jordan Peele. Este es uno de los pocos cineastas que escribe y dirige películas ORIGINALES. Estoy intrigado por lo que será su tercera película: 'Nope'.

Jordan Peele's 'Twilight Zone' is decent so far.

Candy man dropping this month and Jordan Peele producing it. I already know it’s finna be freaky as hell!

I've seen every movie on this list from '97 & only two from the more recent list. I miss the quality. I miss book adaptations, dramas & rom-coms with strong female leads, period/historical films. Fresh original concepts are needed & new talent elevated such as Jordan Peele.…

🔔 Después de "Déjame salir", Jordan Peele vuelve a matarnos de miedo con "US"...…

@Kennymack1971 3. Not that we don't have worthy American directors as well! Again Jordan Peele and of course Greta Gerwig. Also Taika Waititi manages to create great superhero blockbusters AND completely original indie style films as well.

The @Tribeca flick ‘No Running,’ has solid original vibes filtered through a @JordanPeele feeling. I talked to 2 talented men behind it! The Director & the Writer.

This episode, Deej, Jules and Hatchaplan review Jordan Peele’s hugely successful second film, Us. With 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, it was bound to get a top rating right..? #justgowatch #podcast #Us…

@Savagefiction @izzynobre @JordanPeele É aquele que parece o curta da Netflix que ganhou melhor filme?

@izzynobre @JordanPeele Twilight Zone na Amazon, assista um episódio chamado Rebobine, é de roubar o fôlego.

@Savagefiction @JordanPeele O que ele fez em scifi? Só conheço a comédia e o horror

Amo a habilidade do @JordanPeele pra contar todo tipo de história, ele é um gênio do horror e do scifi mas também da comédia

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