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@JinnysJoe How many hours did staff spend going to the sessions, bit of travel, bit of a comfort break, then time to complete the 80% test, retakes. What a lovely day out. Sorry delay in Pensions, wonder why.

That final ref call was so bullshit

@Your_mums_aTerf Nothing like getting your step daughter to validate you. There's so many ways that can happen. 🚩🚩🚩🚩

@cathy_mudge It gets worse. Belongto TRAINS TEACHERS in Ireland. This advice is going out to teachers all across the country. 70%+ of secondary schools are involved with belongto. If your school is one of them, your kids aren't safe.

@mudge_16 can we be friends that hang out ur swag and gay 👯

Your Teenager off for a sleepover at BelongTo. Ensure you've had the contraception chat, maybe put her on the pill just in case.…

Divisive equality laws are bad for government and bad for prosperity…

@Blue_CollarBTC For light relief and a laugh… ➡️Theo Von

@LeeAndersonMP_ Good. It’s already a better place without you

@uhghouls_ We’re both on our autistic lonely girl core

@MegynKellyShow There's casual and there's I live in my Basement.

why do I have no friends why does no one want to hangout with me why am I so lonely why was I not invited why don’t you want me why am I sitting alone in my bed feeling like I’m 13 again

@LeeAndersonMP_ Thank f*ck for that!! Please make it permanent

Rotherham (A) Another great away day, played well, controlled the game just didn’t manage to grab the winner, still unbeaten The referee was abysmal (league 1 ref at best) didn’t add any of the time wasting on to top it off! We keep going against West Brom #pnefc

@troy_and_an_AK "if you don't clear out the cosmo, you won't need the 10w30"

Heart is full, and belly will be later.

@Draculasswife That's so pretty, even I'd look good in it.

@OccupyDemocrats Hypocrisy is a feature of the GOP and FOX platforms. It is a power play to get you to ask them to see it. Which they will then acknowledge or NOT. And they won't. This is not an oversight on their part.

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