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@_Analogico No puedo creer lo preguntón y sabiondón que resultó ser ese usuario de Grinder

@Kwhit972 @MaseDenver Generational talent? Cmon that’s a stretch. PS2 is the generational talent. Von Miller was hurt again too. Chubb wasn’t going to get a 100+ million dollar deal here nor was Von Miller.

@ArmandDoma @tahrajirari I think Mudge said in his whistleblower report that Twitter has no sandbox/dev environment.

@LindaBurneyMP @jeremyrockliff @jeremyrockliff Hey Jeremy, You support what ???? Can you supply the information that the Govt has provided to you that shows exactly what the changes to the Constitution will be. I'm not interested in info from leftist city Aboriginal trouble makers

@Kipsleyanne What does he do? He's like many that live off the Taxpayers Tit

@BryJax44 Su’a says a lot of things. Nothing against him but his attitude and inability to get along with coaches hurt his career. He definitely has an ax to grind

Really looking forward to tonite’s commute…I’m sure the 311 complaints that are already closed must have done some good.

Love nothing more than to roll up on an unsalted, slick bridge that’s a giant slip and slide. Thank goodness the relatively dry road bed has salt.

@mudge_judge Someone might want to pay attention to what Su'a Craven is posting. Especially if it's true what he posted. Which I believe it is since he still has friends on the team.

Who the hell do you have to contact in this city to get bike lanes on bridges salted/cleared? Queensboro Br path was the all too typical mess this morning. It’s only a key piece of infrastructure & this wasn’t exactly a surprise/several feet of snow that drained resources.

@annehelen I am howling and reading quotes out loud to my husband. I am sorry for your (and all of us “dumb Americans” 😂) troubles. Blueberry juice 🤣

"We chose North Carolina as our corporate home because of the state's dynamic economy, business-friendly and innovative environment and diverse talent pipeline," said Bob Mudge, @gobrightspeed CEO.  Thanks to #NCGA policies passed over the past decade.

@HeadWarriorTWM Yes floury dumpling, he said there are only 2 sexes.

@oneshotmocha They cannot be trusted to change this late in the game. If they do it will be to win the next election then they will introduce self ID as a done deal. They think a term in Government will settle the bill in and it will be accepted. Promise to Pink News fulfilled.

@ripx4nutmeg @charlotte2153 Interesting. Lia Thomas is an AGP. He is highly intelligent, autistic and knows what he is doing. He walks around naked girls, desperately trying to get into tight swimming costume with a semi-hard on. They believe that his phone and hard drive should be checked.

"We chose North Carolina as our corporate home because of the state's dynamic economy, business-friendly and innovative environment and diverse talent pipeline," said Bob Mudge, @gobrightspeed CEO. Thanks to #NCGA policies passed over the past decade.

@HeadWarriorTWM Nooo, don't make your Warriors watch it.

@mudge_judge @bobgar79821 Yeah that’s exactly how I feel too, and I really don’t know how he feels after we fired Hackett but either one of them would be amazing to have

@piersmorgan @RishiSunak For one genuinely good reason why we don’t deserve a general election 🗳️

Listening to @ShuntMcGuppin 's Mom read the 'Relaxation with Mudge Claughlin' case study at the end of episode 3:11 tickles me somethin' fierce.

@STILLTish 5 mins research says it all. Look deeper Mallow.

I hate too gushing, but watching @AngelaRayner perform in the HoC is like watching a modern day Boudicca, the women of the Labour front bench are awesome, and when her time comes she’ll be the best leader the Labour Party have ever had!

Interesting, one to watch in the future. Looking forward to watching other Committee Members as we need to keep receipts for when we vote next time. @cj_dinenage #StandingForWomen #NoToSelfID…

No es lindo verlo? Gracias Jungkook por ser tan especial, de verdad te amamos mucho 💜

@leakylike Note for Parents 1. It's a Lie. 2. It's a lie you will have to live with forever. 3. More people kill themselves after Transition. 4. Your healthy child will be a lifelong patient.

Se me acabó el gas, y para terminar de hacer huevos revueltos los metí al microondas. No desperdicié nada, pero me quedo un sabor muy horrible, otra experiencia en mi currículum culinario desagradable

Head tilted to one side, I have nothing to say about that, watches a pigeon fly by..... How much does he get paid again.…

@HughOxford @Glinner Or working for a charity like Oxfam and have to work in a disaster zone to access women and children. It's just ridiculous. Also they haven't defined what being a woman for 3 months would entail. Perhaps they could fill in the gap by enrolling on a Beauty course, any good.

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