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@StephTuittRules @si_steelers For sure. Hoping we finally see Carlos Davis, too. I was pleasantly surprised at times by him.

@rolanddreier In this Pennsylvania bar, behind the taps of Rolling Rock and Budweiser, hang three autographed pictures: Steelers great Franco Harris, Pens legend Mario Lemieux, and GNU innovator Richard Stallman.

@realjohnwalker @si_steelers for sure. While they do have some young guys getting experience, I think they'll likely need to add to that group. How high probably depends on Tuitt and his diagnosis, too.

@Steelers_Girl74 @duchessofpoms Well, her daughter, brother, mother and ex-husband all put paid to the idea that she was ever close to Meghan. They as say she wasn't.

Will the Steelers beat The Brownies next week ? We think so here at Stadium Seats #HereWeGo

@Steelers_DB @si_steelers Agreed. I’ll throw in a priority on a defensive lineman. Preferably someone who can fill in for 94. Alualu has been such a big part of this defense. 2 years in a row he’s gone down, and the gap he leaves is very noticeable.

@1Northside_ @Diddy_247 did you ever imagine a Steelers fan would try to live through the Jets? Man they are down BAD.

@WheelzFL man i‘m happy u got at least one.. at this point I‘ll take a gold steelers player since there is none

When it’s @Browns day at Heritage, but @nevillemaura was born and raised @steelers fan you have to agree to disagree 🧡🤎🏈🖤💛 Thanks for the pic Blayze! #repyourteam

@1Northside_ We’re playing in 2021, not a history book. Steelers are trash.

3 big reasons Steelers won in Buffalo week 1: -Extra time to prepare -Revenge for last 2 games -Mostly healthy Sounds similar to week 8 @ Cleveland barring a surprise injury pop up or a practice injury. Interesting

@zaythehardway Did he do anything after being a Steelers 3rd string?

@CMB49ers @FB_FilmAnalysis Steelers will have an opening and there are some reports that Tomlin doesnt want a rookie for next year. I'm scared.

@Bryan_10s Exactly I don't mean it in any way as a knock. It shows the teams influence and reach. I just think there's this perception that 48k Steelers fans are boarding planes out of PIT every week and I find that a little silly lol

@LeBatardShow @DavidPSamson @DraftKings How does Jess proudly remain a Steelers fan all these years? Doesn’t make sense.

@HsacLleznol @MUTality7 yeah its the only card so far.. but bro, the hate on us steelers is so real its crazy

We are the Steelers Showcase Game of the Week! Hope 2 c u @ tomorrow's VAR FB Sr Night game 10/22 Gates open @ 5:30 for tix Ck out @SteelersYouthFB & Jordan Dangerfield & Steely McBeam in attendance! Bring your Terrible Towels! @TheFHShive @FreeportAreaHS

The Steelers started 1-3 and if the season ended today we would be a playoff team and we have plenty of time to improve our position including two games each against Baltimore and Cleveland let’s fucking goooo

@MrMojo04 I've also watched the Steelers this year. 😐

@Cookiehead702 No doubt about it my point is more that when you see like the chargers or cardinals game from 2019, I think it has a lot more to do, statistically, with Steelers fans that already live in those places than people who paid to fly to Arizona to watch Duck Hodges 😂

@mic_mike7 @s6das @karnsies817 You mean tied with us? Acting like a tiebreaker 6 weeks in means shit lmao. Steelers are trash, except everyone at least expected the Steelers to be trash which is why you’re satisfied and talking shit at 3-3. While the browns know we will be better 😂. Enjoy it while it lasts

A galera encheu o saco com o SNF entre Seahawks x Steelers (que no final foi um jogão) não vejo a galera indignada com o jogo de hoje

@iSteelCity0 @Truth_Pgh412 @Ohornbam @BeachamScott @PFF_Steelers You give Donald one year of Suh who is not nearly as dominant Heyward and he has 20.5 sacks.

The Steelers are 3-3 have a bye week are getting healthy and haven’t even come close to playing their best football

In all reality it’s nice because they seem to be making strides but there’s not enough consistency on offense for this team to contend. 1. The other 3 AFCN teams are better. 2. Ben is not a SB winning QB, anymore. 3. The Steelers are still mediocre.…

@SMforMVP There’s always been one. He was on the Steelers practice squad for the last few years

yes i absolutely found the steelers bar in rome are you really from pittsburgh if you don’t seek out the steelers bar in every major city you go to????

Steelers, Ravens, and Bengal fans all rooting for one team tonight!

@MrMojo04 Hope the Browns sweep the Steelers. 😐

@ThePoniExpress @hokiebro76 @937theFan So by that “logic” maybe the #steelers can bring in Josh Rosen and let him be QB. Or Ryan Leaf for that matter. How about we bring back Jarvis Jones … he was a first rounder. The best person plays … and you know it!!

@iSteelCity0 @Truth_Pgh412 @Ohornbam @BeachamScott @PFF_Steelers Watt most certainly doesn't get doubled every play... You can't because of Heyward. Aaron Donald plays with comparable bums and still churns our elite grades. Watt gets to play with the best IDL not named Donald.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin better than New England Patriots Bill Belichick – Osi Umenyiora

Today's Hometown Highlight is Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Bear Pillow Fleece Throw Blanket Combo! Keep yourself warm with this Steelers blanket and teddy bear combo! Blankets measure 40x50" — a PERFECT gift for any holiday or birthday! #HereWeGo #Pittsburgh…

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