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Browns look to even record after tough KC loss, host Texans

@KenPaxtonTX @SpeakerPelosi You actually don’t have the right to create laws which are superseded by federal ones. And you claim to protect Texans, why be proud of taking away a woman’s right to have an abortion? I’m a Texan and am assumed of that…

Titans are ass, Texans winning division

Texans still gonna be in first place 😂😂😂

It’s time for leadership that actually represents Texans; not grifters pandering to a rabid and radical base. We need people who CARE about vulnerable Texans, not target them for punitive legislation or just ignore their needs altogether. #txlege #BetoForTexas #CollierForTexas…

@aaronjreiss Wait, the texans declined the penalty on a THIRD DOWN???

MrGo30 finna be on the Texans ass with all them missed tackles. 😂😂😂😂

@tedcruz Texans are not smart enough to elect Beto, agreed. They’re not dumb enough to flee to Cancun during an ice storm blackout, though.

Voting rights are under assault A Women's right to choose has been virtually eliminated #Texas needs a Governor who will work for ALL Texans ! Texas needs to #VoteBlue ! #RunBetoRun #FreshResists

@Texans_Thoughts Looks like the throw mills missed today🙃

@czook4 @JakeJiggleball @Kwen_C @AFCNorth_Talk And u beat the Texans we beat the Vikings. There’s levels to this

A lot of questions remain after Week 2 for the Texans. @HTOWN4LIFE40 breaks down what happened this afternoon.…

@NolleyWayne @davonnesbb18 @tedcruz latest deahts data (2017) from TX dept of state health & human services show ave of 16,000 deaths/month ACROSS ALL FORMS OF DEATH COMBINED. that's before covid, people are still dying from heart disease, car accidents, cancers. now, 1 in 480 texans have died of covid.

The first browns game I ever went to my dad took me as a kid and we was playing the Texans and won and now the first time I been back now tht I’m grown we played the Texans and won I thought that was cool

@007__NIL I don't think telling Texans he is coming for their guns is smart politics, however. He can't do anything if he doesn't win.

@MikeDCtown @D_W_P_83 @BigSnappo all the teams are 1-1 it ain’t matter 😭😂. and you guys struggled against the texans bro

Will Deshaun Watson play with Tyrod Taylor injured? Texans coach David Culley doesn’t rule it out…

I am so on board for this. Texans, this is your moment!…

49ERS ML (3)💰 COLTS +3.5 (1)💰 RAMS OV 47.5 (1)💰 BILLS -3.5 (1)💰 FALCONS UN 52 (1)❌ BILLS OV 48 (3)❌ BENGALS +2 (1)❌ TEXANS UN 47.5 (1)❌

just saw the @HoustonTexans fly out over my house from hopkins on their 777 as LOSERS

Texans' David Culley explains decision to decline penalty, then punt… via @HoustonChron

@jimstewartson You mean the guy called the Kingmaker by oil companies that answers their phone calls immediately?… Joe Manchin, the guy that campaigned with Texan Republicans?… Or just look at these PACS:…

‘A Post-Roe World’: Illinois Prepares to Be a Safe Haven for Texans Seeking Abortions

@funder @ChristopherHahn As an old...literally...native Texan I am all in for Beto in the governor's chair. He has my vote, my support...and I have his 6. Go, Beto!!

Hey @GregAbbott_TX, did Texans realize that you planned on using 60,475 (and counting) deceased mom's, dad's, brothers, sisters, & friends, bodies for your own political gain? That's a hell of a death bill you racked up. Or are you playing "body count" games with @RonDeSantisFL?…

@ProjectLincoln @TheRickWilson As hundreds of thousands infected migrants infect Texans, Paedophile Project forgot to mention this.

The fact that the Cleveland Browns barely escaped the Texans should be alarming.

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