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@allkpop Dior really loves her and take care of her

@bigweedle you always boost me up and that’s why you a real one 😘

never be EMBARRASSED by shit you go through in life, shit happens JUST DONT FOLD

ojo con las lunas en virgo y en géminis

no te miento que sonó "vamo a darle" de Ysy y la cante pensando en vos🫶

@themeowsterz @lizadye @OliverMaltman @purge80085 at first i was like, what a silly question. and then i thought...oh no he's probably a fellow virgo...and sure enough...😂

@danielgilbert Live, laugh, laminate….. deceased 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀

#Virgo ♍ Your conservatism in financial matters may be misunderstood by those around you. You can solve this by expressing in an appropriate language why you are doing this based on your own logic, rather than with a negative thought or discourse. You can show that supporting

@Sammy2swaggy @fightexpert_ how do Jake Paul vs Idris Virgo going if they Got in the ring. I think it would be a close fight

こんな時代もあった✨✨✨✨ ゲストの顔ぶれ‼️‼️‼️ もう 石橋さんと 宇崎さんしか この世にいない..... #有り触れた未来 #MYHOMETOWN #キリノシロ #お茶をつぐ

I really don’t understand the outrage. They’re not actually singing the original lyrics. We did the same thing when I was in elementary 😭 plus why are yall assuming she doesn’t have consent to post?? Parents sign forms when school starts.…

‼️Idris Virgo calls out Floyd Mayweather after victory against Aaron Chalmers 😳👀

primeiro com o guaxi e agora isso aqui Eu Nao Aguento Mais Chega…

Cuando sos virgo y no te pasan estas cosas porq siempre tenes varias en la mochila…

@FXCKYOUTONE @teccaupdates @KazHeatCulture @liltecca @taztaylor You weren’t a tecca fan when Virgo world came out then Virgo world is easily his 2nd best album you must have forgot about dolly, out of love, when you down, foreign the list goes on and wlyt2 has repeat it, never left, lot of me, choppa shoot the loudest,money on me, about you

@msluvvherman i hate when apple be saying that “maybe…” shit like bitch unsave the number

One thing I don’t do is people who go between both sides like I clearly see what side you choosing so leave me alone

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