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When I tell you Kudi really saved my life years ago. That man truly deserves peace and rest.…

@incognigger as a virgo moon scorpio rising, one thing I’m not is wrong. you too stubborn to see it tho, as capricunts do 🫶🏿

@pharmasukhbir Virgo: Chaotic energy, messy themselves but don't like others being messy, great sense of humor, needs time to open up, perfectionists, great at spotting details and notices everything, too hard on themselves

@ReadByTheSun Virgo sun cap moon(sidereal sag) Scorpio mars.. I literally have no filter🤣

@claud1cante @Piero_Strada @LaVillana11 @fedeasr1312 @AlSeth3 @MaryNewsWeb Io vi apprezzo moltissimo ma non so di che parliate, perdonatemi. Leggo e sostengo sulla fiducia 🥰

virgos? eating disorders? red flags

I made the mistake of checking my account take me home

@Miss_Andiswa When I read this I thought: she must be solar Virgoan. It turns out that we share the same ten days of Virgo: 13 — 22 September. (Mine birthday 20 September.) True, you’re a quality lover, communicative & expressive, yet attention-demanding, but generous and loving.🐎🏇🏌️‍♂️💁‍♂️🤸‍♂️🕺🧚‍♂️


hoje eu só quero ser feliz de novo

リプほぼしない性分だから、すると迷惑かなと考えてしまう。 要らないこと書いたりして引かれたくないし。 昔からそうだけど一言多いなって感じてるから…

Good morning. Hope y'all have the day you deserve.

Tocará volverse influencer para tener plata y viajar gratis 🤭

@missufe Bolu nya blm di makan yank..masih tunggu kam....{sebagian text hilang} buru buru takut ketauan mamah 🤩🤩😍😍😍

#Virgo Single's Love Horoscopes for Today 02-Oct-2022 =>

The saving grace aspect of today is Mercury FINALLY stationing direct in Virgo! There is a light at the end of the tunnel with communication and transportation snafus. #astrology

#Virgo: "dicen que duele ese candor. Pero en mi opinión, la mentira hace un lío más grande."


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