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We Were Always Here, at Zion Schoolhouse, happening right now until 10pm. The rain adds to the atmosphere, don't let it keep you home! #Awakenings #TellTheFullStory #UmbrellasWelcome

Initial reaction to the Zion 1 Jordan - The shoe is Lite! I had in 1990 the first Nike Air Lite model and the Zion is so lite it’s like an identical reaction for me. I see why it’s built like an aqua sock with a sturdy bottom and stiff heal. It’s made for the power of a big man.

@Derrick98026846 @NOLAJake Love is decent defender and great rebounder. But even if you don't think so, right now Pels 3rd big man is Willie, who's not good. Love is a big upgrade and complements Zion, Valenciounas or Jax.

@awoi_st おはようございます! お疲れ様でしたオチャア(「🍵・ω・)「🍵! 今日はお休みですか?ゆっくりまったり過ごされてください💦

@joohyxnbae otw sarapan, happy saturday too

@johnrivers131 Dabo has his own problems too. Hasn’t innovated once since he came in still running the same stuff, and doesn’t believe in the portal for no reason. Doesn’t recruit some positions well. But Dj is for sure a major stinker on that roster

MVW Rankings- Men's Division: Champion: John O'Reilly Contenders #1 J.J. Bittinger #2 'Redneck' Bill Dickinson #3 Darin Zion #4 Adam Ellis

My spirit is there! Was there March 23, 1973 as young Yeshiva boys came "up to Zion"in lines 5 across, arm in arm,, one line behind the other, dancing & singing! Inspiring. Angels rejoicing for the Jewish people. Atmosphere was electric. We cried, of course. :))…

@Zionwilliamson this is pathetic. I’m a fan mane get yo shit together. Leave the damn cheeseburgers alone. You got too much talent. #ZION #ZIONwilliamson #nba #espn #goat

@LHNBoysBball , lets continue to put teams on notice. These are just the first steps of a long journey! Way to ball out guys! Lets continue to stay the course, and GRIND,GRIND,GRIND!🎲🎲💪💪🏀🏀 @LHNLionshtx @TXHSBB @wendellmo @PrepHoopsTX @vypehouston

有馬記念はユーバーレーベンちゃんはともかく明らかにソダシちゃんの距離適性から外れてるもんな…香港は比較的近いから将来を見据えてのお試しにはもってこいなのかフムフム ソダシちゃんは気性難で神経質なとこがあるみたいだしレーベンちゃんは輸送苦手らしい点でも一度お試しはしたいよな…

@AfricaU49162989 @footballdaily So how long has Raheem Sterling been working with pep? Why weren’t u spewing this nonsense when sterling was a regular and scoring goals left right center?

@ChrisC23_3 @mk_jsq @TwoWayIngram @TheHoopCentral Guard the best perimeter defender? Its literally preference. Duncan, magic, Shaq, bird, Hakeem. They're all VERY close legacy wise

@dentist_mickey 明日お休みだし生クリーム吸っても良いよ。

acho que amanhã vai ter confirmação da zion moreno de zatanna

@swaggyprince111 Not Zion he can’t even stay on the court

amigo la gente es una mierda el lunes una mina me dejo su pc para arreglar le diagnostico la gravedad del problema y le paso presupuesto me dice no muy caro la paso a buscar mañana (hoy) y se la doy y me tira "bueno voy a intentar con otro técnico" CHUPAME LA PIJA CORNUDA



This, Townbidness, FindingDeo, SeeTheSun, Fatalbert are my Top 5 From Zion II

Elizabeth Forward scores once again Zion White 3 yard touchdown run 21-0 Elizabeth Forward @PaFootballNews @PaBackyard

مرّوا خُفافًا.. الذكريات ثقيلة

TOUCHDOWN: Zion White keeps it himself for a 3-yard TD run, and Elizabeth Forward now leads Mount Pleasant 21-0 with 4:13 left in the first half. Time for the Vikings to pass the sticks.

wala na. nagulo na naman yung plano ko. 😭😭😭😭😭…

@FutureCanes Then he takes a stupid slashing for no reason shortly after. Oh dougie…

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