The biggest names in cars! New season of JAY LENO'S GARAGE premieres Wednesday at 10P ET on CNBC!

More cars, more stars! My show Jay Leno’s Garage is BACK tonight at 10P ET on @CNBCPrimeTV!…

@jayleno @CNBCPrimeTV It’s about time Jay. It’s about time. Lol.

@jayleno @CNBCPrimeTV We better be getting the full intro of donald Osborne singing his classic car segment this year

@jayleno @CNBCPrimeTV I really enjoy experiencing the cars you share on your show. My favorite car is a 1965 Malibu SS in Evening Orchid with a white interior. I'd love to see it on your show. I've never come across one in person!

@jayleno @CNBCPrimeTV Can't believe Mark Cuban fit in that Fiat X1-9!

@jayleno @CNBCPrimeTV Love your show @jayleno and I’m tweeting you a car I can’t seem to identify and would be appreciative if you could tell us, before I go to the station to get the MO on this fleeting beast.

@jayleno @CNBCPrimeTV Hey J, i watch you show , j Leno garage, been watching for a while , you have a lot of cars but I’ve never seen a 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix model J , IN YOUR COLLECTION, and for that matter, in anyone’s collection , or being sold at auctions , why is that ?? Are they not popular,

@jayleno @CNBCPrimeTV As a fellow gearhead, we love what you’re doing with the show. We are building a racing game w/ operable and modifiable NFTs, that operate across different openworlds. Please send your address and we’ll be happy to gift you your first car!