Jay is going live on @FiresideChatApp Tuesday Nov 2nd at 910a PT and bringing the audience behind the scenes of The SEMA car show in Las Vegas. Request access to be in the show and get your questions answered: f.chat/nyFh @mcuban

@jayleno @FiresideChatApp @mcuban @bcmhunt dude,you forgot tag this moooon project,invest by @animocabrands @SkyVisionCap @EverseCapital @GD10V ,now is pumping to moooon ,也是越南gameFI+meta 項目

@jayleno @FiresideChatApp @mcuban Not good with first impressions; Jay Leno called my house after leaving message with Doc Severson in Green room, was starstruck and f***** the call up; he mentioned pre-war vehicles, I failed to mention 1937 razor edge Rolls-Royce or 1934 Brewster, he ended the phone call.

@jayleno @FiresideChatApp @mcuban Urgent warning; keep Trump from any black markers and don't let him draw any hurricane maps.

@jayleno @FiresideChatApp @mcuban There's been no law or order since Gerald Ford; that's what started this s*** in the first place, Nixon pardoned, simulated litigation, Stone and his tattoo and two peace✌️ signs; I can shoot somebody on 5th avenue and still get re-elected; they feel they're above the law.

@jayleno @FiresideChatApp @mcuban Just read about the fire of the White Steam car at the Daily Wire. I'm really sorry about your burns but they never mentioned how the car was. I know u can always rebuild but I really hope u don't have to. Is the fire on film? I do really like the White, I believe u have a few ;)