A huge thank you to @kellyclarkson for having me guest host the @kellyclarksontv show. It was a lot of fun. If you get a chance, catch me hosting every weeknight on @youbetyourlife

@jayleno @kellyclarksonTV @kellyclarkson @youbetyourlife So NBC premted it because President had breaking news of vaccine for kids so missed whole show I hope I can see it

@jayleno @kellyclarkson @kellyclarksonTV @youbetyourlife Love you Jay ! Miss seeing on TV .. See you in Pebble Beach next year 🏎🏎

@jayleno @kellyclarkson @kellyclarksonTV @youbetyourlife So much fun seeing you again!! Hugs from Canada!🇨🇦🍁💞

@jayleno @kellyclarkson @kellyclarksonTV @youbetyourlife Please come back to tonight show time slot on any network!