Excited to be back guest hosting @KellyClarksonTV tomorrow! Tune in!

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV It's good to see you back, period... It's been a while...

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV Ooh AND Kristen Chenowith🙌🙌love my Broadway people & adore Jay 😍

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV Yay Jay good to see you do what you do best!!!❤️

@jayleno @kellyclarksonTV Would you guys talk about the great stuff that ALYI is doing in Kenya? @jayleno @kellyclarkson @kellyclarksonTV @jaylenoGarage

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV Jay you are fabulous on “You Bet Your Life”! I love how you treat the contestants. You are very sweet but also very, very funny!

@jayleno @KellyClarksonTV Jay, could you please put the episode that you guest hosted the Kelly Clarkson TV show on YouTube, thanks.