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@jayleno @eentertainment Jay, watching Leno's garage, you don't realize perhaps you do how much the public misses late night with Jay Leno. I'll say no more and I think you know the reason why You just told Brie Larson stand-up requires a laugh every 6 to 9 seconds I assume your referring to 5-minute set

@jayleno @eentertainment Hey @jayleno I remember you featured a b1 bollinger ev truck In the past. Did you like it ? And if so are you planing on doing another ??? Maybe with the muln?

@jayleno @eentertainment RE: Burns. Tweeted you in the hospital. Saw some of your burns on ET tonight. I've been burned twice: gasoline & natural gas. I think I saw some deep second degree on your hands. A little time, & you will be OK. I did not see chest or arms, though. At 72 you will (contd)

@jayleno @eentertainment Jay, how great it would be to convert all your vehicles to electric vehicles.

@jayleno @eentertainment Now I know where the Oreo jokes comes from. Appreciate all the humor. Dave said you're always there to help w/flat tires. What happened? Busy that day. Pass if day, had "burn" issues. Appreciate skin in the game. Love ya and all the best for you and yours. Merry Xmas­čĺ×