What city living is really like? The view two minutes after you realize you've run out of milk.

@joeschwarten the view two minutes after you realize you're out of beer.

@skateawho It's for sure the better view but it's a very special one Cleveland has over other cities. Defeats my general "city living" idea lol.

@joeschwarten A TWO minute city?! I told you guys we shouldn't have let the libs get away with this 15 minute nonsense.

@joeschwarten five minutes for me i just need to take my 3,400 pound weapon with me 🙃

@joeschwarten Living 1.5 blocks from two grocery stores, a liquor store on the parallel a block over, pharmacy 2 blocks away, really is the dream. I can grab fresh veggies for dinner the day of in 10mins round trip (walk ofc) I can get a bottle of wine for a sauce before the pasta is al dente.