After what we saw today, we should all be supporting Britney at this time. Regardless of our past, good and bad, and no matter how long ago it was… what’s happening to her is just not right. No woman should ever be restricted from making decisions about her own body.

No one should EVER be held against their will… or ever have to ask permission to access everything they’ve worked so hard for.

Jess and I send our love, and our absolute support to Britney during this time. We hope the courts, and her family make this right and let her live however she wants to live.

@jtimberlake I know so many of her fans have such a low opinion of her father but for a while Britney was not able to make decisions for herself. So I hope today she’s in a much better place and is able to reclaim her life back

@jtimberlake This is all your FAULT!!! LOL. You didn't have to write THOSE songs!!! Lmfao 🤷‍♀️I'M JUST SAYING man.

@DanyWelmaker @jtimberlake You already forgot that Britney slept with his best friend wade Robson and she lied to Justin about it? And that this had happened multiple times? 🤨🤨

@jtimberlake Jt baby I'm so sorry it seems you are damned if you do or if you don't. Your true fans will always support you no matter what we all love you. And I have loved you since mmc met you in 03 I know you're a great guy with morals and values. I will always stand by you. #proud

@carolki13 @jtimberlake 13 yrs ago, with an 8 month old baby (post partum depression?) and a recent divorce, who wouldn’t be making irrational decisions?

@jtimberlake If you mean what you say you’ll go public about the way you used Britney. You played a role in all of this.

@jtimberlake Bipolar mania and cognitive decline with age can severely impair a person’s decision making, and their poor choices can negatively impact their families in a big way (like bearing kids they can’t care for so family has to take over). This is my sister and it’s hell for her fam.

@gillyfish74 @jtimberlake Its way to late for her to have kids, but you know her dad and her team ate wrong for letting it go on this long.

@jcallshim @jtimberlake Just stop! Britney’s current issues have nothing to do with Justin! That was in the past, they were kids. Get over it!

@princessbaby798 @jtimberlake I know and so many of these fans have no idea what happened between Brittany Justin and Wade