I know I haven’t been on any platform in a while so I’d like to take this opportunity to make a very important statement: All Star #12 Ja Morant 🥷

@jtimberlake @JaMorant Are you allowed to be a Grizzlies fan or just a fan of his?😉 Wish he was in Cleveland!

@jtimberlake @JaMorant Well, at least you made a good statement. If Ja doesn’t make the All Star Game, then there’s something wrong.

@jtimberlake @JaMorant Not fair! You have a Tennessee bias! What about Anthony Edwards?!

@jtimberlake @JaMorant OK, Justin, I could not resist sharing this with you @jtimberlake! My buddy is "Bringing Not #Sexy Back," BUT @SteveLaible is "Bringing #GameNight Back!" 4 all the #familyfun you need? Get "BackFire!" It's so much FUN! *Cat* amazon.com/Stevie-Tenderh…