Justin Tucker has made the All-Pro First Team five times in his career. Two more than the next-closest kickers 😳

@ESPNNFL Best Kicker ever Best MLB ever Best safety ever Ravens nation stays blessed 💜🙏🏻💜🙏🏻

@ravenwizardd @ESPNNFL Ray Lewis was about 70% 30% media hype. Pipe down with all that

@thatssomedumbs1 @ESPNNFL In all my time as a fan I’ve never heard that one. Sucks you can’t pack your point up pal

@thatssomedumbs1 @ravenwizardd @ESPNNFL I agree, he should have done that. Maybe he would have won defensive player of the year or even been an All-Pro at least once or make the 2000’s All Decade Team or lead the NFL in tackles at least once. Sh*t he should have danced and talked before AND after every play.