need all @OleMissFB fans here Saturday 🔵🔴 @katyperry come back we will pay for corn dogs 😂😂 #ComeToTheSip

All board the Lane Train… LFG!!! @corral_matt for Heisman OK ☝🏻🌽🐕🙏🏻…

@katyperry @corral_matt The lane train will come to an abrupt halt in Tuscaloosa. RTR!!!

@Davidpalmer1972 @katyperry @corral_matt Yea……just like last year right? When Lane almost gave Saban a heart attack. You know…..the only team in the country to score the most points against them?

@CharleyDumas @katyperry The greatest guest appearance on College GameDay ever

@omsportsburner @katyperry @corral_matt Go easy on Lee now he’s a Matty 4 Heisman fan!!