Hi @selenagomez I really need you can follow me. I meet you at Puma store and I am from Argentina. I love u since 2012. I grew up with you

@SelenaFanClub I've always been ashamed to show my blood glucose sensor because it makes me feel vulnerable. But Selena with #Rare taught us that vulnerability is strength. Thanks @selenagomez for making me accept my diabetes. #2YearsOfRare @SelenaFanClub

Be kind today. You never know what people are going through behind the scenes. ❤️ – Rare Impact Fund grantee @DidiHirsch implements comprehensive Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training for high school students, teachers, and counselors. didihirsch.org

@rarebeauty @selenagomez @DidiHirsch Selena, can you see our video? I met u two year ago in Puma store New York, I am from Argentina and I love you twitter.com/loveuange/stat…

@rarebeauty Wow this is amazing. You guys make me so so proud 🥺❤