Returning with another video of @HogwartsLegacy where we will be learning magic! Check out Hogwarts Legacy today using my link: Thanks Warner Brothers Games for Sponsoring this! #HogwartsLegacySponsored

@thaRadBrad @HogwartsLegacy I'll say it again. You are just teaching and encouraging what that transphobe preaches if u play this game. I Hope you have a good day 🚮😪

@thaRadBrad @HogwartsLegacy Are you going to finish the devil in me?

@thaRadBrad @HogwartsLegacy Yessir! Bought a copy on each platform just to show my support.

@thaRadBrad @HogwartsLegacy I’m on episode 2 as we speak!! Found your account on YouTube back when u was playing GTA 5 been a fan ever since.