If you're feeling discouraged about our democracy, read this article about how citizens in Michigan took politics out of the redistricting process. It’s why the work @EricHolder and the @DemRedistrict are doing to fight gerrymandering is so important. nytimes.com/2021/12/29/us/…

@BarackObama @EricHolder @DemRedistrict A book isn’t gonna help Obama canceling the student debt might tho

@BarackObama @EricHolder @DemRedistrict If you are glad that Michigan took redistricting out of politicians hands and want every state to do it, I want you to follow me and @davesredist.

@BarackObama @John_the_L @EricHolder @DemRedistrict In Missouri, we voted to have nonpartisan drawing of districts. Republicans said, literally, the voters were stupid and didn't understand what they voted for. A petition put it back on the next ballot on an off year election. Republicans showed up and voted for gerrymandering.

@BarackObama @skbird50 @EricHolder @DemRedistrict I know he and Holder were working on this for four years, and am glad they are getting results. Last I looked at fivethirty eight, it didn't look really positive yet, at least not in AZ.