If you own a Jays Osuna jersey, why on earth would you wear it to the ballpark? Morts, I swear 🤌

@realmitchburner There’s a guy here with duct tape over a name he regrets buying. Wrote Manoah in sharpie. That costs 2 bucks. No excuses.

@MarissaRoberto I’m not saying I would wear one but judging people off the jersey they’re wearing seems exhausting

@realmitchburner guys like that don’t get to be heroes. I will call it out if I see it every single time.

@MarissaRoberto @realmitchburner Honestly that’s super lame, regardless of what Osuna did

@OfSportsandMen @MarissaRoberto @realmitchburner I wouldn’t wear that jersey if it were free. They also erased Alomar from around the Skydome and cut ties, rightly so: thestar.com/sports/bluejay…

@Dapper_Tux @MarissaRoberto @realmitchburner Still weird to just automatically assume someone is making a statement by wearing a jersey. For all you know that person still wears an Osuna jersey because it’s all they can afford. It’s not endorsing his past misdeed

@Dapper_Tux @MarissaRoberto @realmitchburner Glad you have the level of maturity to simply post a meme because you have nothing to say

@Dapper_Tux @MarissaRoberto @realmitchburner Also why you bringing up Alomar? He hasn’t played for the team in 30 years and he’s been removed from MLB completely, it’s not like there’s a swathe of people who spent 150$ on his jersey 5 years ago who are now SOL

@OfSportsandMen @MarissaRoberto @realmitchburner I’d never wear the name of a domestic abuser on my back, that’s the point. That jersey: