I don’t understand why my energy account is £1200+ in credit and they are telling me I need to increase my monthly payment. And I understand more about energy bills than a lot of people.

@FelicityHannah Similar issues with British Gas - £460 credit, £200 DD, advised I could reduce it to £173. I reduced it to £175 and got notification I would owe £223 at the end 😂 I’m currently tracking £110 a month usage 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

@SarahNeedle1872 @FelicityHannah £330 in credit with So Energy here, impossible to get money back they say I have to leave a minimum to cover two potential bills in the account

@MudgeMr @FelicityHannah 🤔 I know that’s been advised (I’m sure I’ve read it somewhere) but I am not sure that’s a contractual requirement!

@SarahNeedle1872 @FelicityHannah Apparently it is and I should have read like page 58 of some tiny t&c’s 😹