Students rallied at @McMasterU on Friday urging the school to completely divest from fossil fuels and remove gas-powered generators being built next to Cootes Drive #HamOnt

@TheSpec @McMasterU Ok, so what solution are they bringing to the table that's a reasonable replacement?

@TheSpec @McMasterU Day 5 without eating is safe, 4 to 21 days is tolerable and some might gain the health benefits of fasting... Let them go the 21 days. I still don't know why they use a 3rd Reich eagle for their logo.

@TheSpec @McMasterU It's obvious the education system has failed them. Idealism will never overcome realism. I wonder what they plug their device into to charge them. They should go on an energy strike and avoid anything that requires electric power. I wonder how long they would last then. 😄

@TheSpec @McMasterU I'm not sure why they're not doing in this in Hut wearing Animal Skins?

@TheSpec @McMasterU Why do all these people look the same 🤣

@TheSpec @McMasterU Aren't generators usually installed to provide backup power in case of a power outage? These generators literally won't be used 99.999% of the time.