workout videos > gym membership

@YouTube On the Desktop Subscriptions page cancer PLEASE get a filter option to differentiate between shorts and longform video? It's so annoying scrolling through looking for a long video when it's like a 20:1 ratio between them.

@YouTube Tbh do this not just for desktop but for mobile too and for TV too

@YouTube Work out videos inside my home gym...

@YouTube Yeppers. Although i guess you can use them at the gym for those that really want to spend the money 😉

@SusanWojcicki @YouTube @YouTube You have permanently blocked my anti-communist channel for no reason, my channel is dedicated to live anti-communist interviews and has never done anything against the rules. The operator is so shameless, you should seriously review if this operator is a spy of the CCP

@pughsreview the ultimate setup 😎 stayin cozy at home but still getting a full class in!

@StayFitAnywhere that's the beauty of workout videos you can do them wherever! including the gym 🥰

@YouTube Buying a gym membership > Actually using it

@YouTube I’ve never really liked going to the gym, so I have a home gym and livestream my workouts for every to come watch.

@iammaddywalker lolll it's the thought that counts right :') or buying a membership just to use yt videos at home anyways...