Trevon Diggs allowed over 1000 yards in coverage this year. AJ Terrell allowed 200. The entire job of a CB is to limit yards and take away a WR on the field. Diggs kept getting targeted (increasing INT chances) because he got torched. He just has great hands... thats it…

@BengalYouTube He allowed 52% completion and 4 TD’s vs. 11 INT’s (Pro Football Reference), oftentimes covering the opposing WR1. That’s getting torched?

@CoachBKelly He allowed 18.5 yards per catch and 1016 yards (over 150 more yards allowed than the 2nd highest in the NFL via PFF) I think that’s qualifies as getting torched

@BengalYouTube The yards thing is also a result of being heavily targeted - which can often be the byproduct of #1 CB’s on the best teams. Allowing yards is one thing, the lack of TD’s allowed along with the low completion % and interception numbers made him extremely valuable.

@CoachBKelly How do you rationalize yards per catch allowed Most elite CBs aren’t allowing nearly 20 yards a catch

@BengalYouTube Got beat on too many double moves, there’s no doubt about that. But compares the #’s to Ramsey (who was probably the best CB in football this year) and Diggs is giving up less than 20 more yards per game, but with 7 more INT’s. That’s a trade off that most DC’s take.

@CoachBKelly @BengalYouTube Ramsey wasn’t and shouldn’t be considered the best this year, he wasn’t that great this year possibly his worst career year.