Americans will be able to order four Covid-19 rapid tests per household on a new website beginning January 19, officials say

@cnnbrk This site will explode and be down faster than a PS5 restock

@cnnbrk And this virus real?

@cnnbrk Why not automatically send them to U.S. households? Many seniors aren't going to know how to sign up for this online or will likely miss the information on who to call or request by mail. What data are they gathering or what is the logic of making people jump through hoops? dc

@cnnbrk Where’s Rachel Levine been with all this Covid

@rmgnoel1974 @cnnbrk Get it and find out. Let us no all about it

@DonnaCordova @cnnbrk Hope the website can survive the tens of millions trying to order... Or send them to Walmart, CVS & Walgreens (& Amazon, too) to ease web ordering & mailing distribution. 500mil to ~30,000 stores in US gives > 15,000 tests per store! $1 ea. Limit 4 tests... 😉

@cnnbrk of my kids is out of luck?

@steph_rotramel @cnnbrk I'm sure that their homeschooling will still run unaffected.

@cnnbrk Our school does not accept the results. They must be tested at a medical facility in order to return back to school after quarantine for being exposed at school. SMH!