Can’t wait to be in Genshin Impact 🤣

@elonmusk I'm planning to start watching some animes, recommend a few of must watch / your fav animes? 😃

@PPathole Death Note, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Full Metal Alchemist, Your Name

@elonmusk @1001000_1100100 @PPathole based but do not let this distract you all from the fact that Elon thinks like Light

@elonmusk @1001000_1100100 @PPathole I can honestly see Mr. Musk with a notebook and he just writes down your tesla car no. and it just explodes

@elonmusk @1001000_1100100 @PPathole In the anime "Death Note", the character with the nickname "L" died because he slept little and did not sit well, pinching the vessels of the legs, interfering with the natural blood circulation in the body. 🤣 Just a coincidence, he was stupid.

@nyancoin_com @elonmusk @1001000_1100100 @PPathole Actually that is the normal resting position of a human body. Children do this naturally all the time all the weight is transferred to the legs and there is no nerve pinching.