Things that make you go "Hmm" @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian $TSLA $LCID $RIVN

@elonmusk @WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian it's your fault elon. you convinced the world EVs are the future, now markets goin bananas funding any new electric car startup. they think its easy to do what Tesla did πŸ™ˆ

@Gfilche @elonmusk @WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian If that Elon guy can do it, how hard can it be…. 10 years later: Oh F

@elonmusk @andrewkaylor @Gfilche @WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian Competition has entered the Milky way. It will reach Earth shortly. WIll DESTROY TESLA. You wait and watch.

@elonmusk @andrewkaylor @Gfilche @WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian Elon, you're a big exception. You don't just have an extraordinary and unique mind & mindset, you genuinely care about humanity and have a huge compassionate heart ❀️

@elonmusk @andrewkaylor @Gfilche @WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian Elon figured out that the only way you can succeed in accelerating the world's transition from fossil fuels is to turn the economic screws on governments, big oil and big auto. He's doing that now. Money is the only language. However this is an extremely difficult task.

@elonmusk @andrewkaylor @Gfilche @WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian @elonmusk will we ever be able to pay for a space trip with Shiba or Dodge coin? Asking for a friend 😊😍

@elonmusk @andrewkaylor @Gfilche @WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian Elon you know the new token with the name of your beer @GigaBierBSC ?? Lets put a beer in the moon!!

@elonmusk @andrewkaylor @Gfilche @WR4NYGov @Tesla @LucidMotors @Rivian β€œNo one even likes Elon, so it will be a slam dunk for us. I also know someone who has a warehouse full of grey market Eveready bunnies”