Top Tweets for #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct

As much as @GOP & a couple of Dems wanted to make the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct a partisan fight…it was not. Voting is a sacred right for ALL of us…& voting deserves our protection. #FairMapsMatter…

@RpsAgainstTrump @RealGOTikTok Mitt Romney is only slightly less radical than the rest of them. He voted against the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct.

How many of the @SenateGOP are instrumental in the #JimCrow2 legislation being passed by states to deny voting rights to people of color? When more Americans vote, more Republicans lose. #VoteThemAllOut2022 #BLUEWAVE2022 #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct

If @SenateGOP caucus members can’t support the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct to preserve the fundamental right of ALL citizens to vote, do you think any of them will affirm a woman of color’s right to a seat on the Supreme Court? #SCOTUS #BLM #WomenOfTheMovement

Voter Rights Not Voter Supresion Take Up & Pass The John Lewis Voting Rights Act. @Congressdotgov @Congress @SenateDems @SenateGOP #VoterRights #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct

@SenatorTimScott What about #VotingRights ? How pathetic that you voted against this Bill, knowing how many people died for that right! @GOPLeader and Republicans attempt to invalidate voters is criminal! #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct shouldn’t be partisan!

@BlueSt0rmRising What’s ur problem @DanCrenshawTX ? Don’t you get that you can’t do anything official to help the people that pay your salary? You mailed an application to someone who asked for it! That’s socialism & communism & lasers all with a stamp on it. Remember? #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct

@StrikePac @ProjectLincoln 👇check out this the GQP hypocrites pass #bbb2 #WomensHealthProtectionAct & #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct these hypocrites don’t care about people children human rights voting rights Etc. Only power! Prolife party BS more FU you’re on your own #VoteBlueIn22…

Oh how very true - this message is just what we need to hear to keep us going. Thank you @BlackVotersMtr and Angela Davis! You inspire and keep us on target for #DCStatehood, #FreedomtoVoteAct:#JohnLewisVotingRightsAct…

@GinaBob6 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you can't be serious. You have to go back to 1863 to find something that Republicans have done for black people. Republicans today are the ones blocking the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct GTFOH

Federal court says Alabama's congressional map disadvantages Black voters #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct…

@AvengerResister if you do not vote in favor of passing #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct you do NOT support it. it's that simple.

Demand our sovereign right to vote! Demand the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct be passed into law! Demand it for our future generations! If you believe it then PLEASE RETWEET IT! #GrassrootsOfDemocracy #VoteBlueIn2022

@NoLabelsOrg @SenatorSinema So why are labels in use here? Oh and I see nothing "courageous" about the defeat of a voting rights bill that was authored by John Lewis. #VotingRightsMatter #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct

@NoLabelsOrg @SenatorSinema What’s courageous about intentionally sabotaging democracy? @NoLabelsOrg in reality @SenatorSinema should feel extremely ashamed of how her poor choices have damaged this country. #VotingRightsAct #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct

A thread🧵 on #VoterSuppresion @MadisonSiriusXM @karenhunter @claycane @SXMUrbanView 1. Every doctor, nurse, allied health professional should have been calling emailing and texting their senators RE #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct. Our votes are being suppressed….

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