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Steven Stratton is in custody in TN as of 1:20am . I imagine he will be released within 48 hours. TN @TNDAGC probably spent 30-50K to file extradition & have US Marshalls extradite for a low level misdemeanor when #NikkiAlcaraz wasn't being held against her will like we were told

According to custody records Steven Stratton in en route under extradition to TN. He is the boyfriend of #nikkialcaraz . Her family lead everyone to believe he was forcibly holding her against her will or had killed her. They held facts back and tons of resources were wasted.

"We believe she is in danger": Nikki Alcaraz is missing and the case may have parallels to the Gabby Petito case.… #NikkiAlcaraz #DV #IPV #domesticviolence #missingperson

Scott Taylor would like to have his dog returned. #NikkiAlcaraz @Eureka_Police

#NikkiAlcaraz Someone needs to get that dog to a better place than with either of these two 😡…

I received definitive word from the Eureka Police Dept Assistant Chief of Police that the dog was with #NikkiAlcaraz and Steven Tyler Stratton when they encountered them yesterday. I know this has been reported but I wanted to provide a source

I’m very glad that I was wrong. Tyler is a coward and should be locked up, though. A real man would never punch any woman, let alone his girlfriend, in the face - or anywhere. #NikkiAlcaraz @ProsecutorsPod

Missing Tennessee woman #NikkiAlcaraz and her boyfriend #TylerStratton have been found safe in Northern California after they were last spotted departing for a cross-country road trip.

@PrettyLiesAlibi The positive news is the good guy that stopped to intervene. He had a good heart and should be commended. #NikkiAlcaraz

A law enforcement officer told me that when #NikkiAlcaraz and Tyler were encountered by Eureka PD, Nikki made it clear she was not in any danger, was there on her own free will, and declined any assistance. Tyler was taken into custody on the extradite warrant out of TN

I worked 10 years to get dual arrest implemented when it was clear that #DomesticViolence was assault. Extended 16-week police training. To see now 2 times where both partners should have been charged #GabbyPetito #BrianLaundrie now #NikkiAlcaraz #SteveStratton are not 😡

Missing Tennessee couple ALIVE in California after disturbing footage, Tyler Stratton arrested for probation violation. #NikkiAlcaraz

#NikkiAlcaraz is NOT another #GabbyPetito. This was mutual combat between her and #SteveStratton. To think these 2 idiots are parents.

Nikki Alcaraz, 33, and steven tyler stratton are a Tennessee couple who went missing on 8th May while on a road trip and was found safe. #NikkiAlcaraz #steventylerstratton #DomesticViolence…

You had: A witness seeing him hit her. You saw old/new bruises on both w/blood. But DEPUTY told you that they did not like these types of arrests they didn't? Dule Charges should be made! #NikkiAlcaraz #TylerStratton #Accountability #DomesticViolence…

Well reported overall update regarding the #nikkialcaraz case is below. Please contact the National Domestic Hotline at 800-799-7233 or text START to 88788 if you need help. Thank you @BrianEntin and @TVAshleigh.…

#NikkiAlcaraz Some abusive relationships are so karmic - no one surrounding will understand except the 2 souls who signed onto it. I have seen this in my own life, as well as many of my clients' situations. It all comes out at the end. #TrustTheUniverse

So glad #NikkiAlcaraz was found safe. I’d rather be over diligent and see her found alive than the opposite. ❤️…

#NikkiAlcaraz has been located! 💜National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233 (SAFE).💜…

As always, @MelissaPink333 and @VivaceMaxvictor on point tonight on #ClosingArguments. A great reminder that domestic violence can go both ways. Very happy to hear that #NikkiAlcaraz is safe, but still wondering #WhereIsTyler?

This whole entire thing is odd and not sitting right with me #nikkialcaraz…

Thank heavens #NIKKIALCARAZ was found &, as Vinnie Politan just reported, she is safe. Need. Update. On missing 33yr old Nikki Alcaraz Via @CourtTV…

Missing Nikki Alcaraz - Elizabeth Holmes Reports to Prison - CT Mom Vanishes on Hike and Foul Play Suspected… #NikkiAlcaraz #ElizabethHolmes #TrueCrimeHeadlines #MommyRamblingsBlog #TrueCrime #MommyRamblings

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