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Fresh out the shower! Lemme get myself together and we’ll keep cracking at this Uxie for the #dynamaxadventureshowdown #TeamLegend

No shinies today 🥺 But we've got this! Thank you all so much for coming and @duckieoh_ thank you for the raid friend ❤✨ Let's pass the love and support to @mattitude420_ fellow #TeamLegend member in the event and let's bring them sparkles!…

Great fun on stream tonight, no luck with shinies though :( Massive thank you to @TheShinyOreo for the raid, passed the love on to our great friend @duckieoh_ who is taking part in the Dynamax Adventure Showdown as well #TeamLegend

IT'S THE TIME AGAIN! We're continuing the hunts in Max Lair for #DynamaxAdvenureShowdown representing the best team in the event - #TeamLEGEND 💪💪💪

Stream has Ended! Thank you all for the love & support tonight bruvs was able to FINALLY get some shines for #TeamLegend. Hope to get more on Sunday as today being Saturday is my day off. See you all for the Finale soon much love sent the raid over to @PokeJacks ♥️👍

Fun first night of the #dynamaxadventureshowdown event! Was able to get a Shiny Scolipede for #TeamLegend. Had a great crowd and want to thank my friend @remysefi for the raid, sent the love to the dude @Metalfear4 show him some love! @shinepatrol…

As I'm away this weekend, I unfortunately can't participate in Dynamax Adventure Showdown. So go show some love to #TeamLegend Live right now, it's Metal 💕…

@johnlegend coaching with Ed Sheeran!!!! Definitely will not miss these episodes 🔥🔥🔥🔥#TheVoice #TeamLegend

Jacksonville's @ParisWinningham is a @USNavy veteran who won his Battle Round on @NBCTheVoice and heads to next week's Knockouts on #TeamLegend.…

Okay everyone! im gonna be back and participating in the #DynamaxAdventureShowdown on #TeamLegend ! I will see you all for a Pokemon Sword/Shield adventure! <3 can't wait to be back. stream starting around 9 PM!

IT'S TIME FOR CHAOS AND HILARITY!! The RNG Race is back on - what are we hunting? Who knows!?!? We're also running Dynamax Adventures and trying to earn points for #TeamLegend this weekend! LETS DO IT! ✨

Dynamax Adventure Showdown starts tonight! 🔴 Live @ 9pm EST / 6pm PST! It's gonna be a party and we are going to get all the shinies for Team Legend! Be there early so you don't miss the party! #TeamLegend

Stream tonight is the beginning of the legend of #TeamLegend in #DynamaxAdventureShowdown! In addition to DA's with chat, I'm also starting a hunt in the Strange House in B2/W2! I'm hoping to get Litwick, but I'll be happy with anything! Stream starts in ~1 hour!

We are Live with the #dynamaxadventureshowdown Shiny Hunting Rayquaza! Come stop by and join some DA'S and earn some points for #TeamLegend

We are live now for the Dynamax Adventure Showdown!! 🥳 Kicking things off with Giratina and then Yveltal! Let’s get some shinies Team Legend!!! ✨ #dynamaxadventureshowdown #TeamLegend…

No shiny luck on stream 😅 but I’m gonna keep playing over the weekend to try and get some more points for #TeamLegend 👏🏼…

Yo!! Tonight I will be streaming alongside @FZFinn , competing in the #dynamaxadventureshowdown representing #TeamLegend !! Come by and show support, and snag some freebies along the way! Going live around 7:30 Central. ❤️ #Pokemon #twitch #PokemonSwordandShield #Pokemon25

Thanks for another amazing stream everyone! Finally managed to Phase on Latias and our first point for #dynamaxadventureshowdown and #TeamLegend I'll be gone the rest of the weekend visiting friends, family and my Alma Mater for Homecoming! I love you all so much!!! 💞

#DynamaxAdventureShowdown Time! Let's get some points for #TeamLegend! || DAs with chat✨


#TeamLegend let’s go! Excited to get in some DA hunts with @FZFinn tomorrow! ❤️…

#VoiceBattles were so competitively tough. Can't imagine how tough the #VoiceKnockouts will be this coming week on @NBCTheVoice with #TeamAriana #TeamKelly #TeamLegend and #TeamBlake

Got my new layout set for tomorrow’s Dynamax Adventure Showdown! #TeamLegend #dynamaxadventureshowdown

Tonight is the DA event & @CaddingtonTV is not going to get jack shit while me @Flip_Essence, @Metalfear4, @shinepatrol & more from #TeamLegend are getting them left & right

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