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they are not crazy. they are not overreacting. they are going through bullshit they think they have to carry alone. remind them that they are NOT alone. you are not alone. not this time. #breakthestigma #WorldMentalHealthDay

Tied bitches !!!’ The home WS win curse is gone!! #fortheH #WorldMentalHealthDay

Did you know that here in #Malaysia, asking someone ‘dah makan?’ is more, if not just as significant to show concern as a ‘apa khabar?’ ? @MalaysianRC @ICRC_my @ICRC_AsiaPac #WorldMentalHealthDay #MalaysianRedCrescentCares…

Hope I’m not the only one getting ready for the #Halloween Costume party!! 🎃 roll safe #HalloweenAtHome #mdma #WorldMentalHealthDay

Driven by external factors such as discrimination, harassment, caregiving & exclusion, women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with #MentalHealth issues. Despite this, just 68% of global insurers offer mental #health programs. #HR #WorldMentalHealthDay

Les sacrifices nous rendent avisés, On ne sait pas vraiment de quoi on est fait tant que l'on n'est pas brisé; Mais on se relève toujours.🧘🏽‍♂️ ☯️ Youss! #Worlds2021 #WorldMentalHealthDay

Il y a ni début ni fin, Que le l'action. 🌀♻️☯️ L.T #Worlds2021 #WorldMentalHealthDay

Pada dasarnya hidup, bersyukur adalah kunci dari semua perjalanan yang sudah dan akan kamu lalui. Perbanyak syukurmu dan perkuat sabarmu Tulus #WorldMentalHealthDay #quote

Huge thanks to Amy and David from @bethlemmuseum for sharing a fascinating insight into the medical records of the past at our #WorldMentalHealthDay event at @OrtusMaudsley. Make sure you check out our website for future events, activities and workshops

@LeaderMcConnell your endorsement of a man with repeated domestic violence charges is telling. His mental health has been a subject of his own book and he’s no longer in treatment. #WorldMentalHealthDay #DomesticAbuse

In last week's live #LearnWithLeena session, @IndraNooyi & I addressed the challenges women face in their careers, the importance of building a community of trust & asking for help when you need it. #LeenaLifeLessons #HR #Unilever #WorldMentalHealthDay

Reminder that October 10 was #WorldMentalHealthDay…. So was yesterday…so is today…so is tomorrow and every other day. 👍

Beginning in July 2022 calls to 988 will be directed to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. @TracyFWatts shares insights with respect to this transformative change for behavioral #healthcare. #WorldMentalHealthDay #MentalHealth

The reflection meeting was attended by different partners working in the camps , CPWs n discussed a number of issues on Community based psychosocial support ; ownership and sustainability ..A big thank U to all participants! #MentalHealthMatters #WorldMentalHealthDay…

The highly sensitive person is a person who is "delicate or fine scents, tastes, sounds, or works of arts," But is this truly accurate? #WorldMentalHealthDay…

Even while you read about harrowing realities of township life, you will be inspired by Sivosethu’s resilience and optimism- Khaya Dlanga ❤️Miracle Girl❤️🔥 #WorldMentalHealthDay #Atwood #mrpricehome #BLACKPINK #SteveHarvey #KimSeonHo #100DaysOfCode #ShineClubWine #NewYorkTimes

Struggling to cope? Considering suicide or self-harm? Mental health issues are serious. You won’t be judged or waste anyone’s time. Together, we can get through this. #suicideprevention #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #whitworthpharmacy

"The accumulation of facts is mere information and is not worthy to be called education since it burdens the mind and stultifies it instead of developing, enlightening, and perfecting it." Sister Miriam Joseph, C.S.C., Ph.D. (The Trivium)  #WorldMentalHealthDay Grace

@UNICEF When down: this too will pass When up: store this moment for our memory lane #OnMyMind #WorldMentalHealthDay

For help to manage worries, sleep better and boost your mood take the Mind Plan Quiz and get your free mental health action plan. #EveryMindMatters #WorldMentalHealthDay

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