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@JohnCor47859230 @RAF_Luton Ready to cope with the replies? @RAF_Luton are always correct as you are about to find out

@sighingcorvid @RAF_Luton What about these Lancasters photographed from a Lancaster over Lancaster? Nearest I could find to such a holy grail.

@Steve_Nucker @RAF_Luton I agree Steve, I haven’t seen a tweet more wrong than yours for a very long time. Fancy disputing @RAF_Luton

MATCH PREVIEW: TABLE PROGRESSION | #Luton Town vs #Huddersfield Town | #SKYBetChampionship | Tuesday October 04, 2022 | 19:45 | Table progression by game rounds played! #ltfc vs #htafc | #ltfcvsHTAFC | #LUTHUD |

24’ Another quality ball from @ficonstable98 sees captains @JessMckay_ run on to it, she clashes with the keeper but knocks the ball to @3l1zab3th1 who taps it in! 2-0

Fully expect Matt Goss to have an emergency illness, so he can drop out without losing face. #Strictly

@Steve_Nucker @RAF_Luton Are you sure name isn’t thick fucker🤔🤦‍♂️

@Strickomaster The school is vastly over subscribed anyway so really what's the point.

19’ The ladies finally convert one of their corners! @ficonstable98 finds Lauren Low at the back post, who nods it in to the back of the net. 1-0!

@RAF_Luton Shows what you know about Canberra. It’s Lake Burley Griffin actually ! ( Black Swan is a movie)

@adam_cumberland @hgdav1es02 @_The72 Massive club Luton town fan and the patron saint of TGF childish hoodies laughs at embarrassing cringe😭😭😭

@ChrisCalviFree @RAF_Luton They were right over Lake Canberra aka Canberra Lake. Navigator Bob ‘Burly’ Griffin should know

@joe_deeneycoach Great news Joe. Congratulations to you both.

@rulofgoat_ Ahh my favourite. If you have the time, go to Luton!!! Check their studio!

@RAF_Luton This is a photo of a Lancaster landing on aircraft carrier HMS Canberra, on a lake in the Brecon Beacons, where the cyclists were tasked with grabbing the Lanc's undercarriage and putting their brakes on to stop it landing in the drink

13’ Closest chance yet! A @ficonstable98 corner is whipped to the back post and @EllyWade is inches away from nodding it in! 0-0

🎶 Beat the Monday blues with our 6PM ukulele group tomorrow! 📍Luton Invicta Club, Luton Road.

@RAF_Luton I see the pilot has gone for a skinny!

11’ It’s been a lot of possession for Luton and a few breaks in attack but no breakthrough yet. 0-0

@CNEWS Jamais 🤬🤬 je ne le mettais déjà pas c'est pas maintenant que je vais commencer. Lâchez nous avec vos délires 😤😤😤😤

@easyJet How come when I want to look at flights to Berlin from Luton, that there isn’t a single available seat until 30th October? I can’t see every seat has been sold!

@sighingcorvid @erwin_hattingh @RAF_Luton Enough with these fake pictures, THIS is a Canberra. I can vouch for this, because I'm standing on it.

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