johnny wants to jump ship whenever they have a difficult conversation and relationships, let alone a marriage, won’t work like that #MAFS

i love gil! this man is the definition of patient #MAFS

screaming at myrla being drunk. i like her like this 🤣🤣🤣 #MAFS

i had no hope for myrla and gil episode one but after seeing myrla profess her love for him, i think she’ll do what she needs to to make it work 🥲 #MAFS

#MAFS needs to require therapy before signing up because a majority of the participants have issues within they haven’t/need to address before entering into a union with another person.

i’m sick of johnny’s shit. he wants so much from bao but relationships in reality aren’t always 50/50. sometimes one person has to give more. he’s not ready. he’s a child. #MAFS

when watching michaela and zack i forget michaela is older than him. they just don’t work. idk… i don’t want to say they’re childish but it’s something i don’t have the words for right now #MAFS

i will say she gives up when she gets an answer she doesn’t like and it’s doesn’t afford zach the safe space of being honest with her. #MAFS

and this preview of next week? oh hell no! michaela has lost her damn mind chile #MAFS

i also think michaela wants their relationship to only have good moments and the way her relationship with zach has progressed ( or literally any other relationship) it’s just not possible, she’s easily discouraged by anything remotely not positive #MAFS

oh and one last thing, brett and ryan are both afraid to have uncomfortable conversations and thats why they won’t work. love brett tho! #MAFS