I miss you, Robin.

@pattonoswalt I was just thinking that. Watched The Birdcage last night and just sad that his brilliance isn’t flashing these days in real life. Fosse Fosse Fosse Martha Graham Martha Graham.

@pattonoswalt We all miss him. If only he could have seen that instead of the lies depression told him.

@RexChapman @pattonoswalt Ran into him once as a young teen. Shyly approached to tell him how much I loved watching Mork and Mindy on Nick at Nite five days a week. He was so sweet to someone that he didn’t have to be. I miss you Robin. You’re still my hero.

@smein101 @pattonoswalt You are a Dr? Robin had Lewy Body Dementia and did not know it. He was most likely in a delusion when he took his life. Please educate yourself on the disease. My father passed from it 9 months ago and it is cruel.

@mlizburns @pattonoswalt I watched Mrs. Doubtfire today and sobbed at the ending. I forgot how much we miss him until I see his face. The Birdcage is also one of my faves. So good.

@pattonoswalt As Dennis Miller once said, "it didn't matter how tired Robin was, his default position was sweet". Here's an example of the kind of person he was: youtu.be/Is14mWHwEiw

@pattonoswalt I missed him during 2 separate USO tours in Afghanistan because I worked the night shift. All of my friends that met him said he was such a kind soul and genuinely loved meeting/spending time with the everyone.

@Dukiedawg @pattonoswalt Hey I was in Kandahar when he was there. Sorry you missed him.