It would be an understatement for me to say I’m proud of my @rarebeauty team and what we have accomplished so far. Love you guys!

@selenagomez @rarebeauty It makes me so happy to stand behind rare beauty as it is actively working towards dismantling the stigma around mental health, I actually saw a therapist for the first time after seeing all the posts RB was making and in a way it inspired me to get the assistance I needed 🥺🤍

@selenagomez @MoonClouds_SG @rarebeauty Rare Beauty really did something so incredible. We can’t stop thanking the amazing team and you for this❤️

@selenagomez @MoonClouds_SG @rarebeauty وش هالخياىْه وانا؟؟ عطيني قلب