Watch my conversation with @zanelowe about #MyMindAndMe at the Apple Tower Theatre now on @AppleTVPlus…

@selenagomez @zanelowe @AppleTVPlus @selenagomez the two months free subscription on @AppleTV is not valid in Japan help please🥺 i want to watch #MyMindAndMe so bad😭

@selenagomez @zanelowe @AppleTVPlus I've just watched your documentary and it was excellent. I feel that other famous actors/actresses and singers should take note of what you're doing and look into emulating your example. To my knowledge you're at the very least, one of the realest of all performers/singers.

@selenagomez @zanelowe @AppleTVPlus Thank you❤️ from Ireland 🇮🇪 I'm a mess after that, for @selenagomez but also for myself because I heard all the things that go on in my mind been brought to life through selena ❤️❤️

@selenagomez @zanelowe @AppleTVPlus How ungrateful! Of her! Your friend gave her, what your money couldn't buy! A chance to keep enjoying life!be more grateful 😤