Over the next few days, I'll share my annual list of favorite books, music, and movies. Art always sustains and nourishes the soul. But for me, music and storytelling felt especially urgent during this pandemic year. I'll start by sharing some of my favorite books of 2021:

Since these are works I have actually listened to, watched, or read, I’m sure I’ve missed some worthy stuff. So if you have your own recommendations to share, I’ll add them to the stack of books and movies I hope to catch up on over the holidays!

@BarackObama You definitely need to check out RAZORBLADE TEARS by @blacklionking73. One of the year’s best, for sure.

@BarackObama We love you! Merry Christmas to you, @MichelleObama & Sasha and Malia!

@BarackObama Mr. President, I highly recommend adding @laurenthehough ‘s book, “Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing.” A highly personal set of essays about being raised in a cult, then finding a way to survive after getting out. Well-written, humorous, & a gut punch at the same time.

@BarackObama All About Me by Mel Brooks; but you HAVE to get the audio! He does his own reading ❤️

Next up are my favorite movies of the year. Each of these films tells a powerful story, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

@BarackObama Surviving the White Gaze: A Memoir — much of which I imagine you'll relate to. I kept a copy of Dreams from My Father at the kitchen table (where I do all my writing) as I was writing this book. bookshop.org/books/survivin…

I've always enjoyed listening to a wide variety of music, so it’s no surprise that I listened to a little bit of everything this year. I hope you find a new artist or song to add to your own playlist.

@BarackObama Empireland by @Sathnam Whilst ostensibly about Britain and it's still unresolved relationship with Empire it has themes and echoes found in 'A Promised Land'. You would I'm sure, enjoy it's challenge and new perspectives