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Isn’t 4 reunions for #rhop a little excessive ? Honestly could’ve cut out the entire seen w the husbands

This is what Karen thinks she looks like 😭😭😭 She looks good for her AGE but not younger chile they need to stop lying to her #RHOP #karenhuger…

This #SecretsRevealed episode confirms that Robyn is a terrible mother, seeing her at Ashley’s house when Dylan was a newborn 😭 #RHOP

Finally a season into #RHOP and just started S2. Why does Gizelle’s tagline continue to sound like a Pam Grier blaxploitation quote?? 😭😭😭

Chile I’m so tired of Ashley lmfaoooooo who tf put her on this show?? Damn!! #RHOP season 3

Are we really surprised about this? They are horrible people #RHOP If u don't get it, read the comments to the post 😉😉😉…

@RankedReal I know a lot of people dislike Giselle but she really does seem like a loving mother. #rhop

Katie is high out her mind hela säsong fyra #rhop

When Karen be like “hol, hol,” she mad af! 🤣😂 #RHOP

PHOTOS: See Inside Candiace Dillard's $1 Million Home as RHOP Star Shows Off "Fabulous" Dining Room and U-Shaped Kitchen in French Chateau-Style House #RHOP #CandiaceDillardBasset #CandiaceDillard #ChrisBassett… via @RealityBlurb

PHOTOS: See Inside Candiace Dillard's $1 Million Home as RHOP Star Shows Off "Fabulous" Dining Room and U-Shaped Kitchen in French Chateau-Style House #RHOP #CandiaceDillardBasset #CandiaceDillard #ChrisBassett… via @RealityBlurb

Watching #RHOP Secrets Revealed last night was eye opening. Upon reflecting, production really did @askaledavis dirty. Two lines at the reunion and all her scenes with @TherealCANDIACE cut out? Why? It makes no sense. We deserve to see more of her next season. #JusticeForAskale

I’m quite behind on #RHOP & watching Candiace being this vile to Mia is cringeworthy… what a nasty ass🤢🤮

Wendy might be more unwatchable than Robyn 😳 #RHOP

I hope @BravoTV sees all these reviews and how we are loving @askaledavis…… make Robyn the friend, let her (re)build up like Marlo did. Robyn would have been the ultimate fave if she was just the friend of the show. Ijs #RHOP

Raymond bought me a new yacht can’t wait to film #RHOP season 7 on this!

I really do like Robyn and Juan together. I just can’t get over him cheating on her. But still like them together. Like their friendship is really beautiful. #RHOP

Robyn, Candice and Giselle all wack. #RHOP Candice is the wackest of em all. Giselle is runner up. It’s a tight race. Robyn is just a follower and it’s sad.

The vault on #RHOP was everything. Way to recreate a finished basement to s functional workspace. Kudos.

Askale’s sweater is giving Monique #RHOP

@BlueStonerManor they do it to Gizelle on #RHOP too..when the only thing you can say is “you don’t have a man” to attack a woman is it really that big of a deal ?

I did not know there was a new episode of #RHOP 🙌🏾 They are milking the FUCK out of this season but I’m here for it

People who often say Gizelle Bryant has light skin privilege are invariably black people who put her on a pedestal. Gizelle is a middle age woman with a wrinkled neck, stovepipe legs, over processd dried hair covered by hideous wigs/weaves & a hateful bitchy disposition. #RHOP 😏

Not Gizelle with 50’11 of the same got damn wigs. Them damn daughters of hers!!!! Yo! Savages 🤣😂 one thing they not gonna do is spare they momma feelings. #RHOP

Seeing Robyn with Ashley’s kids is kinda making me on board with her having another baby 😭 #RHOP

#RHOP secrets revealed was the best one I’ve seen in a long time. I would like a part two.

@YuupISaidThat No, #RHOP would be boring without her. You can appreciate what a HW brings to the group dynamics and still critique parts that don’t work. She needs to get to a point where the INTENT in her words (how she says things) isn’t soo vicious and meant to hurt… because SHE’s hurt.

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