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There's only one thing (beyond Dorinda - which should go without saying) that can save #RHONY and it's...... Hilaria Baldwin

@Bethenny blocked me when I called her out on her “blaccent” on #WWHL . Bravo and Andy seemed to ignore it. No acknowledgement of it whatsoever. Bethenny has still never acknowledged it. She’s also a bully. But yeah, let’s keep giving her a platform. #RHONY #BravoTV #AndyCohen

I need a new season of #rhony! Is there a due date for filming yet?

I fully support Eboni leaving Bravo #RHONY and being a panelist on a talk show. Go into light girl. Be free. Release yourself sis 🙋🏽‍♀️✌🏾

Go ‘head, Eboni! Let #RHONY be your stepping stone since they’re too scared to have a reunion. #TheView

#RHONY Eboni K. Williams On What Reality TV Owes Black Women | The View

#RHONY Star Eboni K. Williams Says ‘Reality TV Is Built On The Backs Of Black Women’…

Multi-tasking work & catchin up on yesterday’s #theview episode w/ @EboniKWilliams she did a fabulous job! Super cool to see the women talk about the @washingtonpost of black women in Reality TV & just how much she brought to #RHONY Congratulations to her!…

@confideinm3 Luann Super Bowl halftime 2022!!! #RHONY

In Case You Missed It: Bethenny Frankel Says She’s “Not Afraid” To Be Canceled After Fans Accuse Her Of Making Transphobic Statements Thoughts on this? #RHONY…

@TheView @EboniKWilliams Why to trash and complain about the white women on #RHONY

COMING UP: #RHONY star @EboniKWilliams joins us back at the #HotTopics table to guest co-host!

I cannot believe that’s how Alex and Simon are living. At least Francois can sing twinkle twinkle in Latin though #RHONY

Alex is truly delusional 😂 #RHONY S2

Not a fan of LuAnn so far #RHONY S2

@realitybyAshley I like Leah. She makes for good television, unlike Rinna who I pray they finally get rid of. #RHONY #RHOBH

@dorindadeadly Luann, stale. Sonja, hilarious. Ramona, too intense. #RHONY

@hotmesshines_ @nuevousername I’d love that! #RHONY has been in the 🚽 for years. Eboni brought some 🔥 to it last season.

@nuevousername She was the only person on #RHONY that had any substance last season. I don’t understand all the hate for her.

if I post about Leah #rhony I get a TON of comments - a lot of hate but definitely more love than you’d expect. doesn’t that impact count for anything? especially during a season with no story, every week y’all were saying her name. “all publicity is good” right?

Reason why they didn’t wanna do a Reunion for The Housewives of New York. Those education and teaching sessions the White women didn’t want to relive in public. Since WHEN did their “schedules” not line up to do a reunion? #RHONY…

If I'm being 100% objective, this would be my Mount Rushmore of Real Housewives: Tamra: The blueprint for messy Housewives. Bethenny: Bravo's biggest success story. NeNe: Bravo's first and best star. Teresa: The most open Housewife ever! #RHOC #RHONY #RHOA #RHONJ

@washingtonpost #RHOP and #RHONY you'd see it's these social justice black women being racist & colorist toward others. Eboni supported the mistreatment of Breshawn, Candiace calls Ashley a slave for marrying a white man. You can't be anything but race baiting black woman, that's the real story.

The core 3 aren’t the problem, the problem is casting new wives who have no authentic connection or chemistry with them #RHONY…

@LookAtDustin @EboniKWilliams Ty for repping us and speaking #TruthToPower 👏🏽👏🏽 on @TheView I will now watch #RHONY @BravoTV I stopped watching it years ago, but faithfully DVR #RHOP #RHOA and #RHOBH im tired of watching shows that ppl like me dn't exist!

#RHONY star Eboni K. Williams discussed reality TV's frequent "angry" and "argumentative" portrayals of Black women on #TheView

If dreams really do come true then she will be announcing her departure from #RHONY today 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

@dorindadeadly No #RHONY without them. They just need a better cast mix to build some chemistry with them.

@ThePeachReport Bad example because the MEN here made the women fun. Only RHONY cast fights and moves on (except for Jill and Dorinda, who both hold onto grudges tighter than they do to wealthy men). #rhony

@NancyBogard2 @LuisUnleashed @AllCelebPolls @SonjatMorgan @BravoTV @Andy you can say a lot of things about Sonja but you will never be able to say that she had bad intentions or that she was mean ... that is why its so easy to love her ... and that is why Im hoping no matter who they fire she survives ... she is the heart of #RHONY

Are people getting paid to tweet this? I mean, god bless, but Askale had like 45 seconds of screen time this week, and I don’t remember anything she said. This is like asking for Danielle Gregorio or Jennifer Gilbert to be full time HWs. I don’t get it. #RHOP #RHOC #RHONY…

@polls_housewife Garcelle wasn't dealing with blatant racists like Luann and Ramona!!!! #rhony

@dorindadeadly Luann and Ramona do make the show stale and tired. Grandmas and millennials are not a fit on housewives. #rhony

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