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#Trump ignored #Whelan ‘s arrest in 2018 and ignored his marine for 2 years,the”King”of the deal”could have negotiated a deal in 2018 but instead he released 5,000+ Taliban terrorists plus their leader Abdul Ghani Baradar, who then took over Afghanistan. #TrumpIsGoingToJail

@GregAbbott_TX why didn’t your boy #Trymp bring him home?#Trump released 5000 Taliban fighters instead.…

Backstreet Boys holiday special is AXED following Nick Carter rape allegations and lawsuit | Daily Mail Online #trumptrains #trump #trumpwon #truthtrains #truthsocial #truth #god #herostruthtrain #epsteindidntkillhimself #woco…

#Trump #marjorietaylorgreene and the rest of the ungrateful #GOP what if it were your family member and the deal was One or NONE!? America feel with your hearts and not with #MAGA crazies hateful racist political platforms.

Despite setback after setback , Prez #Trump keeps raising hisself up from the dead. Like the biblical vampire #Lazarus. He can never be killed. No one in the #GOP got the balls to pound a stake in his heart.

The cable news network CNN is reporting that President #Trump is directly related to King Henry the VIII of England. The President received news today ...…

Some starting to blame #Trump for not negotiating release of #PaulWhelan for the 2+ years he was POTUS (2018-2020) while Whelan was imprisoned, but maybe Putin wouldn’t let him take out the ball gag long enough to suggest it. Make America Gimp Again.

@Gottabfishin you got no problem #TRUMP is ratting out military secrets to the highest bidder ... you fought for NOTHING bud

@realTuckFrumper @pete_rostow for some reason, I doubt this. #Trump is insentient.. he feels nothing.

TRUMP LIE #30008 "Last year, our country lost almost $800 billion in trade." #TFG #Trump

It's now clear that President #Trump was a freedom-loving American #Patriot with a degree in #economics. Donald Trump is #FreeSpeech It's now also clear that he was fighting fascism inside Twitter, Facebook, The FBI, the mainstream media and almost everywhere else.

@PTorsrud @DrJBhattacharya @VickiMcKenna @Twitter @davidharsanyi @FDRLST You may have a point. I can’t help but notice the absence of articles about Biden cozening up to murderous dictators. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but it seems like the mainstream media covers Joe differently than they covered #Trump

Is #Biden appointing such sick, perverted and criminal people into Top Secret Clearance positions a treasonous offence? If not perhaps it should be. #BidenWorstPresidentInHistory #TRUMP2024 #DeSantis #TRUMPRally #TRUMP #BidenIsALaughingstock #Christian…

@glennkirschner2 all #tRump property should be seized, evacuated and searched using excavators

@laurenboebert While Trump was in office, being Putin’s puppet, he NEVER attempted to negotiate Whelan’s release. As a matter of fact, #Trump NEVER spoke his name, not even once. Cut the crap, and STOP using the Whelan’s grief as a bullshit talking point. Your pathetic!

TRUMP LIE #30007 cont’d "...going to terminate the deal. You have great you know, being President gives you great power, right? So I just saw him this morning I said, by the way, how did you do? He said, sir, they dropped the suit." #TFG #Trump

magats spent months declaring #trump would have had Griner home already. Biden does it & they complain some more. Do they ever stop whining?

@katiehobbs Would have been a better day if our military Vet was coming home as well, but some have no clue about how to perform the art of a deal. #Trump would have forced Putin to give them both up, without relinquishing the Merchant of Death. Putin had upper hand with weak sleepy Joe.

Windmills are the greatest threat in the US to both bald and golden eagles. Media claims fictional ‘global warming’ is worse.🐁 #trump

Video: Climate Hypocrite Kerry Says It Would Be “Great” If Americans Paid Carbon Reparations #america #news #trump #infowars #freespeech #politics

@kyrstensinema Lol, #KyrstenSinema is neither a #Democrat or #Independent. She's a bootlicking #MAGA/#QAnon troll who supports #Trump goonery, #LGBTQ hate, white supremacism, and domestic terrorism. She should call herself what she is...a #Republican.

@rayhanania @elonmusk So the alleged Hunter laptop censorship by Twitter put Biden into the WH but the proven 2016 Russian propaganda & Comey interference did NOT get #trump there. Nope, no way. trump won on his merits. Yes siree Bob. Got it!

That’s hilarious you call #Trump supporters racist, when in fact many of us are of race. 🙄🙋🏽‍♀️🇺🇸 Now who’s the idiot??? 🤦🏽‍♀️…

TRUMP LIE #30007 "I said, wait a minute. I'm approving the [Keystone XL] pipeline and they're suing us for $14 billion, and I've already approved it, right? I said, I just heard it. Go back to them and tell them if they don't drop the suit immediately we are..." #TFG #Trump

@GOPLeader investigating #AOC corruption? 2 sec. @HouseGOP @Jim_Jordan Would need 20 yrs to investigate real corruption in the #trump WH cabinet. Start with any one of them

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