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Join us for what is sure to be an informative discussion about #transparency - or lack thereof - in policing in the U.S.…

It is about time WE THE HUMAN BEINGS all non-government individuals start to audit their local and federal government employees. They Eating good; all I see is big bellies, sitting on their asses and no work being done. I’M ANGRY #transparency #justice #accountability

@lamontkblack: What I love about #btc - it's so transparent... there's no wizard behind the curtain. And do we really want someone managing the money supply? #UCepisode1 #UncensoredCrypto #truth #transparency

TY @January6thCmte for all the work you are doing. We want the #truth, we want #transparency & #justice,& we want evidence & facts presented,through fair, ethical, trustworthy #representation. Thank you to every single committee member for all you are doing to #ProtectDemocracy.…

There are different ways to access information and documents related to AAT cases, depending on whether you’re a party to a review or a member of the public not involved in the case #transparency

Why aren't people questing why lots of CEO's and Politicians Stepping Down, Not Running For Reelection and/or Retiring? #PublicDisclosure #Transparency

Current swing port 🏌🏼 #transparency $PTE-0.50$ avg $CLBS-0.81$ avg SL is .75$ like the r/r $ANY- 2.79$ starter, taking some more tomorrow $FWBI- 1.37$ starter, soaking to 1.27$ $BJDX-2.40$ avg $PROG-1.60$ starter, adding more tomorrow $STRN- 4.10$ avg looking for 5+

@LilHeroesNFT Sign of a great team and project. Thanks for the #transparency and well done!! @TompjNFT @plansartstudio

Recently, @veritoneinc published a #LawEnforcement #Transparency & #Trust report which surfaced the need for LEAs to be consistent in the comma with constituents. Kudos to @PasadenaGov & @PasadenaPD Public Safety Committee to publish initial RIPA findings

I always believe in #transparency but it is with great sorrow & trepidation that I disclose there is a "Jackie Hive" at the 19th. As Yellowjackets is added to our "required viewing" I hope that Team Shauna, Misty, Tai or heck, even Lottie, will emerge. (Everyone loves Nat, duh).

Check out our solutions for banking and cash-intensive businesses and learn how using #GS1Standards can help bring greater #transparency and efficiency to cash logistics. #supplychain

@Everylastgoat @InsideThePylons When I asked one of the gulfstreampark stewards last month how much he fined jockey Edwin Gonzalez for standing up before the wire that caused him to lose a placement. The steward said. "No. That's between the stewards and the rider" #transparency

@TylerStack @michell62101965 But it can't hurt to push from the bottom up. Pressure on all sides, consolidation and forcing economies of scale. Wide spread systemic and institutional change is overdue. Keep ⚒️ hammering. #Economic #humanity #accountability #transparency #onpoli #federal #progress

I think #moleg should have a hearing on this. We need to understand the root cause and confirm it's not hacked by malicious party. I have lived in the #showMeState since 1997 and it's the first time encountering this. It's not good to say the least. We need full #transparency. /2

#Antis: a WWII Dog Hero Who Took to the Skies. Became a famous dog in history for his heroism & being the only mascot to fly in combat missions. $Antis: a 2022 Crypto Dog Hero Who Took to the Moon. Combatting for #transparency #loyalty #utility in the crypto meme space @InuAntis

I've been monitoring NH resident & staff deaths for a month…. The numbers from the previous 3 weeks just changed, making it very difficult to draw conclusions. We desperately need #Transparency. @DavidCGrabowski Still waiting for last week's data to post.

@TranspariMED, @senseaboutsci @alltrials How could the UK strengthen these proposals to legislate for #transparency in clinical research?…

One and only play from yours truly today. I was extremely cold over WC weekend, but let’s bounce back with a winner. Missouri is a horrible road team, and I can’t help but fade, fade, fade. Ole miss -10.5 +130 for 1 unit should be free. #transparency

Healthcare #payers can prepare for upcoming Transparency in Coverage Rule regulations. Learn how solutions can help you address requirements such as Machine-Readable Files here: #TiC #Transparency

@jon_goldfinch @alanfryermedia Which is precisely why we have to. This is not a government nor a media that will be held accountable by a passive electorate. We must be active participants, demand accountability, and vote accordingly when it is not forthcoming. #cdnpoli #transparency #accountability #today

the stories speak for themselves and everyone should know the risks of what they’re putting in their bodies. Especially if it’s mandated. #transparency @theysayitsrare…

@jimcramer @MadMoneyOnCNBC keep pumping bad companies that contribute to your ''charity'' fund- #transparency lol

For Local City & County Governments: You Should Be Using Social Media. Here's How.… #Transparency #Community

#transparency is very important to us so do not hesitate to check out our #gofundmecampaign - and to ask us questions!…

@ebenet @Shib_nobi @YetiCoinEth Our community welcomes everyone!!! #Shinja #transparency community strong 💪!!!!!

@Murdog1 Liberals also rank the worst for #transparency & are in so much debt we'll be in major trouble when interest rates go up. #TrudeauMustGo

#Antis was a war hero. $Antis is a war hero as well! Fighting for #transparency in crypto (doxxed devs), #utility in memes (more than a meme), #loyalty from holders (diamond hands presale group). That dog will fly! 🚀 🔥 #AntisArmy @InuAntis @InuAntisSoldier

@gobeillades Ce que votre manque, c'est : #transparency and #accountability Quand tu dis aux enfants d'ouvrir les fenêtres à -30 dans les écoles, c'est parce qu'on vit dans un pays de tier monde et ça donne l'impression que vous avez gardé l'argent du fédéral. Mais bon.

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