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@DuncanReport @brotherjones_ @TheTNHoller @MarshaBlackburn @GlenCasada I simply do not believe this .... Marsha Blackburn reading? It was either a short list of things T*@*p wanted her to say or a picture book about how to lie....written by George Santos.

@brotherjones_ @TheTNHoller Exactly. I would like the Speaker to know my family was deeply offended when @MarshaBlackburn read a book during the first Trump impeachment trial. We were also offended when @GlenCasada tried to frame you. Thank you for shaking things up @brotherjones_ . We are with you.

@TheTNHoller @GlenCasada It's Casada's aide, Cothren, not Casada.

@TheTNHoller @GlenCasada Point of clarification - it's not Casada. It's Cade Cothren. They're both crooks, but technically they are different people.

🤔 why is disgraced speaker @GlenCasada getting more freedom rather than less?…

U.S. magistrate lifts travel restrictions on former TN House Speaker Glen Casada aide Cade Cothren pending trial on federal fraud charges.

@Benno_Tallent @SBMcCallister @BaddCompani What you probably heard abt was Glen Casada. It goes much deeper than. It began years ago (Google Ray Blanton) and has progressively gotten worse. "Operation Rocky Top" "Operation Tennessee Waltz" Look at it this way, people think MS. is bad. Marsha Blackburn left MS. for TN.

Ryan was in the state legislature when Glen Casada offered John Mark Windle a general's star for a vote to take money away from public schools, which either makes Ryan a lying hypocrite or means he has the memory of a goldfish. The real shame is Ryan has a vote in anything.…

@corywheeldon4 @crazyforbears @JamesBradleyCA @GOP @MattWalshBlog @RonJohnsonWI Cade Cothren, chief of staff to former NC Speaker Glen Casada, sexually harassed interns, sent racist and misogynistic texts (also indicted for fraud)…

22/NC Republican candidate for US House Sandy Smith is accused of domestic violence against her ex-husband & daughter Cade Cothren, chief of staff to former NC Speaker Glen Casada, sexually harassed interns, sent racist & misogynistic texts (also indicted for fraud)

@VoteGloriaJ Highly principled. Glen Casada’s henchman: “Oh, we’re not going to rip off YOUR district’s public schools!” Zachary: “well then I’ll vote hell yes!”

@SenatorHagerty @POTUS When you were campaigning you bragged about your Christian upbringing. It sure didn't take you long to cast those values aside, did it? Should we just call you Glen Casada Jr., or maybe Marsha's B¡tch?

@timburchett FBI hauled away materials from the homes and offices of former House Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin) and Rep. Robin Smith (R-Hixson) while taking PPP loans, while the TN GOP ended Unemployment Pandemic money 5 weeks early for the struggling Tennesseans.

@lisaw4444 @donnagv7 @timburchett @POTUS @BrianKelsey @GlenCasada Absolutely not. I simply don’t play the politics of personal destruction. But you do you

Apparently, as @sammiearnold36 and @kakipantsTN left, two others got promotions (what does a Co-Director of House Research do anyway?). Wasn’t promoting extra people how it all started for @GlenCasada?…

@lisaw4444 @donnagv7 @timburchett @POTUS @BrianKelsey @GlenCasada Isn’t it obvious? These two Republicans from Tennessee were either under indictment and/or engaged in criminal conduct while drawing a paycheck from our states general funds. The holier than thou game never works in politics

@lisaw4444 @donnagv7 @timburchett @POTUS @BrianKelsey “Tennessee State [Republican] @GlenCasada...theft from programs...bribery and kickbacks...honest services wire fraud...conspiracy to commit money laundering.”…

@ElectCarolAbney @GovBillLee They're hoarding our money and lord knows where it will go. Hookers and blow, probably. Just ask Cade Cothren and Glen Casada.

@DonaldJTrumpJr Cade Cothren, chief of staff to former NC Speaker Glen Casada, sexually harassed interns, sent racist and misogynistic texts (also indicted for fraud)

@valenictus @JediCounselor @severson1977 @mtgreenee Because the bill is no longer listed on the Tennessee legislature’s website. Doesn’t change the fact that 2018 Majority Leader Glen Casada cited that argument in publicly made remarks as to why he was killing the bill’s chances.…

@BaddCompani It’s happened here in TN with Glen Casada- ha.

@afquillen @TheTNHoller @EddieMannis @CSexton25 @tnhousegop @ElaineDavis @GlenCasada @CSexton @VoteGloriaJ Thank you for running. I know that’s huge undertaking. I’m sorry you were treated this way. It’s clear that @CSexton25 is a spiritually and morally unhealthy individual…a danger to our communities.

@DuncanReport @TheTNHoller @EddieMannis @CSexton25 @tnhousegop @ElaineDavis @GlenCasada Twice now I’ve run against @CSexton and talked only about the issues. Both times he’s run nonsense radio ads making fun of me and a mailer calling me “nutty” and “radical.” It felt bullying. We only have to look at how he treated @VoteGloriaJ to know who he is.

@TheTNHoller @EddieMannis @CSexton25 @tnhousegop @ElaineDavis @CSexton25 is as small a man as I’ve ever come across in my 67 years. Vengeful,spiteful,arrogant,bullying,self righteous & not too bright. In other words, a complete and total prick. Plus.. he is a damn liar…and a racist one at that. Basically @GlenCasada 2.0. #BeneathContempt

@danielahorwitz He wanted to, but Glen Casada was federal

@TheTNHoller it's almost like republicans only reserve both-sides arguments for when it provides a nice smokescreen of plausible deniability. how quickly Tennesseans forgot Glen Casada

Community activist Justin Jones of Nashville who was banned from the state capitol in 2019 for throwing a paper cup at then-House Speaker Glen Casada will have his own seat on the House floor when the new legislature convenes in January.

Now @ltgovmcnally says @CSexton25 took over the House when it was "a little shaky." An apparent slap at @GlenCasada. Sexton mentions something about "faith, family and religion."

359 #GOPpredators TN State House Speaker Glen Casada defends David Byrd, because he claims women who are really raped would move.…

@dsimons1 915 #RepublicanSexualPredatators Cade Cothren, chief of staff to former NC Speaker Glen Casada,sexually harassed interns, sent racist and misogynistic texts (also indicted for fraud)…

@TheTNHoller @voteyeson3tn you'd think she'd be looking out for glen casada and cade cothren, but nooooooooo

@jhollymc Another great Christian example from the Tennessee General Assembly. Note that Glen Casada & Cade Cawthron have given up their right to a speedy trial to stay out of prison longer.

@parentschoicetn @MetroSchools @TEA_teachers @EdChoiceTN @MariahTimms Let's be clear: Ppl AND Davidson/Shelby counties did NOT want vouchers. They were imposed on us by a gerrymandered GOP supermajority state assembly as a gift to Bill Lee. Glen Casada did in an underhanded way that left a bad taste & made clear the contempt state govt has for us.

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